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DOMDocument Object Model
DOMDays On Market (real estate term)
DOMDominican Republic (ISO Country code)
DOMDissolved Organic Matter
DOMDisk on Module (Flash memory module)
DOMDomenica (Italian: Sunday)
DOMDirty Old Man
DOMDirector of Marketing
DOMday of month (US DoD)
DOMDrawn Over Mandrel (metal-shaping process)
DOMDate of Manufacture
DOMDead Organic Matter (biology)
DOMDepartements d'Outremer (French: Overseas Counties)
DOMDeo Optimo Maximo (Latin: To God, Best and Greatest)
DOMDiscrete Ordinate Method
DOM4-Methyl-2,5-Dimethoxyamphetamine (psychedelic drug; aka STP)
DOMDepartment of Mysteries (Harry Potter)
DOMDirector of Membership
DOMDrinks on Me
DOMDigital Optical Module
DOMDomino Object Model (old definition)
DOMDigital Output Module
DOMDipartimenti d'Oltremare (Italian: Overseas Department)
DOMDépartment d'Outre-Mer (French Overseas Department, similar to a territory)
DOMDirectorate of Information Management (COE)
DOMDose Monitor
DOMDepartment Operations Manual (California Department of Corrections)
DOMDominica, Dominica - Melville Hal-Dom (Airport Code)
DOMDelete Operator Message (Netview command)
DOMDoctrine Organization Training
DOMDominator (archetype in the game City of Villains)
DOMDigital Ohm Meter
DOMDisk Orchestra Module (Yahama Clavinova)
DOMDirectorate of Materiel (US Army)
DOMData Only Module (Nortel)
DOMDisaster Operations Manual (FEMA)
DOMDegree of Multiprogramming
DOMData Output Message
DOMDepartmental Operations Manager
DOMDecimal Order of Magnitude
DOMDirection des Opérations de Marché (French: Branch Operations Market)
DOMDistributed Operations Master
DOMData Origin Level – Manual Input
DOMDrawn Over Metal
DOMDate of Mortgage
DOMDistant-Organ Metastasis (pathology)
DOMDescription, Operation & Maintenance
DOMDirector Of Naval Oceanography & Meteorology
DOMDirector Of Maintenance
DOMDigital Optical Monitoring
DOMDivision of Overseas Ministries
DOMDéfiscalisation Outre-Mer (French: Overseas Taxation)
DOMDepartment of Management (various organizations)
DOMDoctor of Oriental Medicine
DOMDivision of Management (various organizations)
DOMDivision of Minerals (Nevada)
DOMDental Operatory Microscope
DOMDesign Out Maintenance (engineering)
DOMDistributed Object Management
DOMDocument Object Management
DOMDate Of Marriage (geneological term)
DOMDepartment of Mathematics (various schools)
DoMDominion of Melchizedek (micronation)
DOMDecade of the Mind (conference)
DOMDistribution Organes Mécaniques (French: Distribution Powertrains)
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The Dominator Cup a term race for juveniles to be gone over the sprinting distance of 1,000 metres, has attracted eight thoroughbred and half-bred two-year-old colts and fillies from reputed progenitors promising a close contest in a lively turf action.
Both sides of Ray are at odds with each other a little bit, because young Ray is all excited about the baby Dominator, but adult Ray has seen the future, knows something happens to young Ray, and is worried that the Dominator is the cause of it," Routh told Entertainment Weekly.
Importantly, when operating in SuperMo mode, the new Dominator AT/3G can simultaneously support three Sony, Hitachi or GVG 3X Super Motion and one ISO cameras, or alternatively two Panasonic 4X Super Motion AK-H5000 plus two regular ISO cameras.
Dominators often come across as self-important and arrogant.
Powerful GT72VR Dominator,the enthusiast gaming platform:
Clocked at 3,200MHz for blistering high-bandwidth performance on Intel 100-series motherboards, CORSAIR Dominator Platinum ROG Edition also boasts a custom overclocked ROG XMP 2.
In her new book, "Unleash Your Inner Diabetes Dominator," Daniele offers self-empowering training, coaching, motivation, and education for the estimated 29 million Americans living with diabetes.
is flight testing its Dominator XP unmanned aerial vehicle in MA[c]xico.
Se utilizaron cuatro cultivares de tomate, dos con habito de crecimiento determinado: el Cid (manzano) y Dominator (pera) y dos de crecimiento indeterminado: L2 y L3.
The Norton 650 ss (top) and the Norton Dominator (above) |
We're accustomed to shoulder-slung search lights and, basically, the new Dominator is designed for searching--particularly at a distance--but manipulated like the big flashlight it is instead of a big, rectangular battery box with a lamp sticking out of one end.
Auto Business News-January 29, 2015--Norton reveals details of Dominator motorcycle