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DYDDon't You Dare
DYDDown Your Drink (alcohol intervention project; UK)
DYDDrogheda Youth Development (Ireland)
DYDDistrict Youth Director
DYDDetermine Your Destiny (motivational TV show)
DYDDistribution Yvon Dupuis (Canadian cosmetics company)
DYDDeKalb Young Democrats (Georgia)
DYDDiocesan Youth Department (Anglican Church)
References in classic literature ?
Joseph, you calico beastie, don't you dare jump on my lap.
Don't you dare touch that money,' my brother roared, and then he himself took five or ten dollars and went tramping off to the saloons.
Whatever happens, don't you dare let yourself forget.
Go below and turn in, and don't you dare come on deck until you're sober.
Now don't scold, don't you dare scold," she cried with mock defiance.
But don't you dare to breathe the name of Jack McGinty in connection with it, stranger; for every whisper goes back to him, and he is not one that is likely to let it pass.
Once the press conference finished, the journalist then stood up, walked to the front and said angrily to McClaren: "Steve, don't you dare accuse me of having an agenda.
As Paris Is Burning did with voguing, Rize celebrates a vital new art form; don't you dare blink.
Don't you dare call the Columbia Missourian a college paper.
He can slash with the best of 'em, but don't you dare ask him to do a fake rock.
But don't you dare tell me you can heal me with a story.
I ask the Scissors Lady if I can put sugar in my milk to make it taste good and she says yes but only this one time and don't you dare tell your mother either and I say I won't.
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