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DYDDon't You Dare
DYDDown Your Drink (alcohol intervention project; UK)
DYDDrogheda Youth Development (Ireland)
DYDDistrict Youth Director
DYDDetermine Your Destiny (motivational TV show)
DYDDistribution Yvon Dupuis (Canadian cosmetics company)
DYDDeKalb Young Democrats (Georgia)
DYDDiocesan Youth Department (Anglican Church)
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References in classic literature ?
Felicity, don't you dare. Oh, you dear, darling people, I love you all so much and I'll go on loving you always."
"Joseph, you calico beastie, don't you dare jump on my lap.
Don't you dare touch that money,' my brother roared, and then he himself took five or ten dollars and went tramping off to the saloons.
Whatever happens, don't you dare let yourself forget."
"Don't you dare answer me back that imperdent way, Rebecca, tellin' me I'm mean; your father was a vain, foolish, shiftless man, an' you might as well hear it from me as anybody else; he spent your mother's money and left her with seven children to provide for."
Go below and turn in, and don't you dare come on deck until you're sober.
"Now don't scold, don't you dare scold," she cried with mock defiance.
But don't you dare to breathe the name of Jack McGinty in connection with it, stranger; for every whisper goes back to him, and he is not one that is likely to let it pass.
Red Tan - a self-made lounge singer, concert producer and entrepreneur - has launched last July 26th her new single titled Don't You Dare! a pop and electronic dance music recorded with Luke Adams, at River Studios in Southampton.
And for those who are a bit more mature, don't you dare want something or someone who already belongs to someone else.
I remembered he was the one who said, 'Don't you dare point your poisonous finger at my face.' Yes, indeed our fingers are poisonous when you consider the millions of bacteria we acquire from handshakes, dirty surfaces we touch, filthy currencies we handle, pricking of our noses and total lack of attention to simple hygiene such as frequent washing of our hands with soap and water.
And don't you dare let them slow you down," she said.