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DOORSDynamic Object-Oriented Requirements System (a Quality Systems & Software, Inc., QSS database management system)
DOORSData Object Oriented Repository System
DOORSDynamic Object Oriented Requirements System
DOORSData Object Oriented Repository System (Evermore)
DOORSDistributed Object Oriented Reliable Service
DOORSDesign of Object Oriented Real-time Systems (Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada)
DOORSDOL Online Opportunities Recruitment System (US Department of Labor)
DOORSDemonstration of Dynamic Object-Oriented Requirements System
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I seized a good-sized stick, the only weapon I had, and, without making any noise, opened the door.
Tess had spoken to her husband from the doorway, without entering the dining-room, and Mrs Brooks, who stood within the partly-closed door of her own sitting-room at the back of the passage, could hear fragments of the conversation--if conversation it could be called--between those two wretched souls.
There were low rambling buildings of concrete barred with heavy impassable doors, and no amount of hammering and hallooing brought any response.
She stayed out of doors nearly all day, and when she sat down to her supper at night she felt hungry and drowsy and comfortable.
The saloon door opened with a crash, and the figure of a woman appeared upon the threshold.
And Therese would naturally give the key of the fencing-room to her dear, virtuous, grateful, disinterested cousin, to that damned soul with delicate whiskers, because she would think it just possible that Rita might have locked the door leading front her room into the hall; whereas there was no earthly reason, not the slightest likelihood, that she would bother about the other.
We were unable to leave the torture-chamber now, unless Christine opened the door to us; and it was only on this condition that we could hope to help her, for we did not even know where the door might be.
Add to this that the key of the door in the study, communicating with Mrs.
At the same moment, whilst D'Artagnan was leaning over the aperture to listen, a metallic sound, as if some one was moving a bag of gold, struck on his ear; he started; instantly afterward a door opened and a light played upon the staircase.
Set in its walls were several other doors and all were closed.
But here, in the very heart of the building, and moreover with the prayers and cries of the four men under sentence sounding in his ears, and their hands, stretched our through the gratings in their cell- doors, clasped in frantic entreaty before his very eyes, it was particularly remarkable.
The place seemed silent and deserted, so he took the opportunity of concealing himself near the spot whence he had seen Oolanga trying to investigate whatever was concealed behind the iron door.