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DORMDepartment of Risk Management (organization/business indemnity)
DORMDivision of Risk Management
DORMDirector of Revenue Management (job)
DORMDepartment of Reproductive Medicine (St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center; Phoenix, AZ)
DORMDepartment of Revenue Media
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The Young Adult's Guide to Surviving Dorm Life" is uses illustrative case studies garnered from hours of interviews with college students, both new and graduated.
Accessories make a dorm room special and they add that same special element to an apartment.
Texture Trunks - The college student needs extra dorm storage solutions for the college supplies that will be brought to college.
The Subway Series between the New York Yankees and the New York Mets was airing on ESPN while "Game of Thrones" was on HBO during "Heroes of the Dorm.
The dorm site is south of the recently built Global Scholars honors dorm, and just east of the Many Nations Longhouse.
Early this year, a grenade exploded at Dorm 5 where an inmate was killed and several others were injured.
He added: "Mr Dorm was found on the floor of the lounge.
The first floor includes space for games, laundry, offices, activities, a classroom, study areas and a multipurpose room and more, as well as dorm rooms.
A group of terrorists threw Molotov Cocktails on the dorm on Saturday night as tensions have been running high in the southeast after the toppling of a statue of Mahsum Korkmaz -- believed to be first PKK members to fire a shot at soldiers -- in Diyarbakyr's Lice.
2] concentration in dorm rooms were measured for 24 hours.
Paul Williams tells KABC-TV that the campus police officers went to the dorm Saturday evening after receiving reports of a disturbance, AP reported.
The school is hosting a BBQ tonight to celebrate the fall opening of the new dorm on 12th Street between Third and Fourth avenues, said Alicia Hurley, vice president for government and community engagement at NYU.