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DOTESDosage Record Treatment Emergent Symptom Scale
DOTESDoctrine, Organization, Training & Education, Equipment, and Support & Facilities
DOTESDoctrine, Organization, Training, Equipment, and Structure
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She ignores her own children but dotes on the children of friends and acquaintances.
The Scitex VersaMark system's breakthrough capabilities include speeds of nearly 2,200 pages per minute, with a print resolution of up to 600 dotes per inch, and a per-page operating cost of under a tenth of a cent.
La baisse reduction atteint 35% de la somme totale des taxes exigees pour les vehicules dotes de moteurs dont la cylindree ne depasse pas 2000 cm3 (essence), ou 2500 cm3 (gasoil), outre les motocycles.