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DOTSDirectly Observed Treatment Short-Course
DOTSDifference of Two Squares (mathematics)
DOTSDozens of Terrific Stamps
DOTSDatabase of Transcribed Sequences
DOTSDocument Tracking System
DOTSDay of the Sword (band)
DOTSDynamic Ocean Tracking System (US FAA)
DOTSDigital-Optical Technology System
DOTSDepartment of Trade Statistics
DOTSDirectly Observed Treatment/Therapy Short Course
DOTSDeformities Open wounds Tenderness Swelling
DOTSDirector Of Training and Simulations
DOTSDirectory Order Transmission System
DOTSDredging Operations Technical Services
DoTSDose-Responsiveness, Time-Course, Susceptibility Factors (used in classifying adverse drug reactions)
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Translating the known characters, and representing the unknown by dots, as before, we read thus: th rtee.
Probably he began doing it in blots as he afterward did it in dots, or rather shots.
All the balance of the night they kept up their infernal din, but why they did not attack us I could not guess, nor am I sure to this day, unless it is that none of them ever venture upon the patches of scarlet sward which dot the swamp.
The black dots grew larger as they advanced and although the light was dim Dorothy thought they looked like big kettles turned upside down.
Why, you see, Dot,' John made answer, slowly, as he unrolled a shawl from about his throat; and warmed his hands; 'it--it an't exactly summer weather.
His capital B's and D's are exactly like mine; he dots all his small i's and crosses every t as he writes it.
Accustomed to look at maps drawn on a small scale, where dots, shading, and names are crowded together, we do not rightly judge how infinitely small the proportion of dry land is to water of this vast expanse.
In the deepest snows, the path which I used from the highway to my house, about half a mile long, might have been represented by a meandering dotted line, with wide intervals between the dots.
These are the official seamarks for the patch of trust- worthy bottom represented on the Admiralty charts by an irregular oval of dots enclosing several fig- ures six, with a tiny anchor engraved among them, and the legend "mud and shells" over all.
The best pictures are rude draughts of a few of the miraculous dots and lines and dyes which make up the ever-changing "landscape with figures" amidst which we dwell.
The shores of Earraid were close in; I could see in the moonlight the dots of heather and the sparkling of the mica in the rocks.
Hermann, an engaging, stout housewife, wore on board baggy blue dresses with white dots.