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DOVEDoubly Vibrationally Enhanced
DOVEDiversity of Views and Experiences (University of Minnesota fellowship)
DOVEData on Vocational Education (US Department of Education)
DOVEDigital Orbiting Voice Encoder
DOVEDignity of Victims Everywhere (Washington)
DOVEDivision of Volunteer Efforts (Seton Hall University; New Jersey)
DOVEDistributed Object Visualization Environment
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The "Baby Dove Complete Care Baby Essentials Gift Set" package is designed to look like a gift box with a delicate Baby Dove branded ribbon tied into a simple bow, with the product offering clearly visible to consumers on both front and back of carton.
The homing pigeon, or Rock Dove, has been returning home to help human beings for centuries: in ancient Greece and Italy they were used to carry messages and race in contests.
Reality check: that "wonderful surprise" inside every flavor of Dove ice cream may turn out to be not so wonderful the next time you step on the scale or get your cholesterol checked.
the blue dove with a thorn of glass of brighter blue
For years Dove has been talking about the ability to make anything, anytime, anywhere ([A.
Still, Dove had to persevere as an illustrator to make a living, which may have contributed to his leaving Florence Dorsey (the name for a scorned wife if there ever were one) for the extravagantly monikered Helen "Reds" Torr (the name for a female welterweight champ if there ever were one).
Santo signed a 20-year lease at the building and has announced plans to relocate his Sign of the Dove restaurant to Eleven Madison and rename it Domus by Sign of the Dove.
ULYSSES DOVE was a premed student when first he saw the Martha Graham Company perform in 1967.