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To ascertain the effects of different downslope tillage intensities on the translocation of those soil constituents along the slope, consecutive downslope tillage by hoeing (called 'consecutive tillage') was applied five and 20 times on Slope 1 (short- and long-term tillage respectively).
The location of LIDARs along with the retrieved vector wind field during a downslope windstormtype flow event at the Barringer Meteor Crater in Arizona, during the METCRAX II field experiment.
I found a great place to set up where I could see about 45 yards downslope through a little clearing.
The conditions in which soil management practices were adopted showed longer time of beginning of runoff, in comparison to the downslope treatment, which in turn did not differ significantly from the condition of bare soil (Table 3).
The book uses simple explanations followed by equations and models to go over the fundamentals of hydrology, with particular attention to how water moves downslope into catchment basins, and how this process interacts with soil, plants, rainfall, erosion, flood patterns, geography, climate, and the total energy available in a system.
The odd-year downslope for TV will be in full effect in 2015, with total TV ad sales expected to fall slightly while local television stations take a 5% hit and the networks bleed away 3%.
I got up there and it was on the tightest lie, the downslope of the bunker but I managed to hit a really good three wood to three feet.
Their results showed, for example, that in 2006, the pitch of the 'qui' part of the males' call was comparable to that of counterparts that lived 83 metres downslope in 1983.
He said: "When you're in Australia and you get on to a bit of a downslope, you can get a little bit insular .
Graeme Swann's sudden retirement from an ageing squad that has lost the Ashes with still two matches to play has left questions over the break-up of a team that is on the downslope, the report said.
Dust might avalanche downslope toward the asteroid's equator and eventually drift into space to make a tail.
After tying off the mules in an aspen grove, we headed downslope amid mixed aspen and spruce.