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DRAKEDo Right and Kill Everything (rap artist)
DRAKEDSP (Digital Signal Processing)-Risc Advanced Keyboard Engine (music)
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In the meantime the two little ducklings had fallen asleep, and the little drake lay between them, covered up by their wings, to be kept warm under their feathers.
And again the little drake answered for his sisters:
And it was brought to her; and the ducklings and little drake were sprinkled with the water, and from the little dead bodies three lovely children arose.
And she would find an English Captain still talking fiercely of fresh lands to be found in little ships, as much as if she had dined with Drake.
She picked up one of the drakes and ruffled his green capote with her fingers.
The actual implementation follows the steps of a typical IPS program (Becker & Drake, 1993):
S&P president Leo O'Neill said his company's strategy "is to be the leading provider of investment data, analytics, and opinions for investors globally and, as such, the municipal bond trading operations under the Kenny Drake brand fall outside that directive.
In this respect, Drake epitomized the end of the humanist education in which his reading was firmly grounded.
That approach to serving its customers is no less true today than when the company was founded 25 years ago by Mr Drake and his partner John Garland, vice president of manufacturing.
Suddenly, Drake spots a woman and four pre-schoolers puttering toward the waves.
Gordon Drake suffered the mixed blessing of achieving early fame by winning, in 1946, Progressive Architecture's First Annual Award with his very first house and then winning, with his next two buildings, second place in the House and Gardens 1947 Awards in Architecture and a Mention in Progressive Architecture's Second Annual Award.
Paradoxically, while Drake was mainly known in Spain and her empire as a pirate and heretic, operating beyond the bounds of maritime and political decency, individual Spaniards who met him, often losing large amounts of money and goods at the time, reported him as an endearing and friendly figure, generous in victory.