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DRAMDynamic Random Access Memory
DRAMDatabase of Recorded American Music
DRAMDynamic Random Access Memory Device
DRAMDynamic Ram
DRAMDemand Response and Advanced Metering
DRAMDrinking Report for Addiction Medicine
DRAMDeep River Ancient Muster (Connecticut)
DRAMDisaggregated Residential Allocation Model
DRAMDocument Review and Approval Matrix
DRAMDigitally Recorded Announcement Machine/Module (PBXs)
DRAMDynamic read-write Random Access Memory
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Now, it chanced he had a friend, a publican in Queensferry Street, from whom, in view of the sacredness of the occasion, he thought he might extract a dram.
If you'll no' STAND me a dram,' said the driver, with a well-merited severity of tone and manner, 'I dare say ye'll have no objection to my taking one mysel'?
Global DRAM Demand Share by Application, 1Q 2015 - 2Q 2016
Our 512 Megabit XDR DRAM is an ideal solution to provide maximum performance with a minimum number of devices allowing customers to save valuable board space.
2% for Jan-Sept 2013 versus Jan-Sept 2012 to 245 bln drams
1bln drams for the period under review (over twofold in the year