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DRAMADigital Repository Authorization Middleware Architecture (Australia)
DRAMADynamic Resource Assignment Multiple Access
DRAMADepartment for Research of Anti Mime Advancement
DRAMADynamic Re-Addressing & Management for Army 2010
DRAMADigital Radio And Multiplex Acquisition
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These recovered chapters will possess no doubt, but little value in the eyes of persons, otherwise very judicious, who have sought in "Notre-Dame-de-Paris" only the drama, the romance.
Dramatic power, in general, means the presentation of life with the vivid active reality of life and character which especially distinguishes the acted drama.
In narrative, including all stories whether in prose or verse and also the drama, there should be traceable a Line of Action, comprising generally: (1) an Introduction, stating the necessary preliminaries; (2) the Initial Impulse, the event which really sets in motion this particular story; (3) a Rising Action; (4) a Main Climax.
3) Dramatic, including not merely the drama but all poetry of vigorous action.
Behind these words we use--the adventure, the novel, the drama, the romance, the situation, in short, as we most comprehensively say--behind them all stands the same sharp fact which they all in their different ways represent.
The romance, the novel, the drama are the picture of one.
To trace the English drama from its beginnings we must go a long way back from the reigns of Henry VII and of Henry VIII, down to which the life of Dunbar has brought us.
I should much like to try your plan," I said, and, as Sylvie and Bruno happened to run up to us at the moment, I left them to keep the Earl company, and strolled along the platform, making each person and event play its part in an extempore drama for my especial benefit.
Instead of focusing on family values and sacrifices that took center stage in previous dramas, this neo-family drama centers on pursuing personal happiness based on one's own decision.
I think these drama publishers should keep a priority of not to play dramas which contain excessive romance, violence or horror scenes.
Talking to reporter here on Sunday, she said that unique drama stories and real culture had made the dramas popular.
Instead of learning to stand against the wrong through dramas, we use dramas to establish social and fashion trends.