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DWGDrawing (CAD programs filename extension)
DWGAutoCAD Drawing Database (file extension)
DWGDrawing File
DWGDevice Working Group
DWGData Working Group
DWGDiscovery Walking Guides (UK)
DWGDelaware Water Gap
DWGDaily Weight Gain (animal nutrition)
DWGDomain Work Group
DWGDesignated Work Group (Australia)
DWGDevelopment Working Group (VSIA)
DWGDeep Water Gunashli
DWGDeployment Working Group
DWGDetention Working Group (various locations)
DWGDead White Guy
DWGDynamic Wavelength Grouping
DWGDefect Waveguide
DWGDiscontinued When Gone (retail inventory)
DWGDistributed Wargame
DWGDependability Working Group
DWGDefense Writers Group
References in classic literature ?
"It is the will of the majority," announced Monsieur Thuran, "and now let us lose no time in drawing lots.
You know nothing of drawing. Don't pretend to be in raptures about mine.
The governor, of course, thought proper to threaten his prisoner that if he did not give up drawing such pictures he should be obliged to deprive him of all the means of amusing himself in that manner.
"I only presumed to touch your drawing," she said, "because it was in danger."
He was astounded; he felt she must have no eye at all; the thing was hopelessly out of drawing.
"No," she said, looking away from the drawing rather confusedly, "it is not my doing."
"No taste for drawing!" replied Elinor, "why should you think so?
He undressed and threw his nets, and as he was drawing them towards the bank he felt a great weight.
Anna Pavlovna's drawing room was gradually filling.
And all the while Hooja's canoe was drawing rapidly nearer, propelled by the strong arms of his twenty paddlers.
Drawing off his gauntlet he advanced close to De Vac.
All Beale's drawings of this whale are good, excepting the middle figure in the picture of three whales in various attitudes, capping his second chapter.