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DTKDans Ton Kulte (French festival)
DTKDying to Know
DTKDressed to Kill
DTKDown to Kiss
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DTKDrak'Tharon Keep (World of Warcraft)
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DTKDeath the Kid (Soul Eater comic series; Japan)
DTKDinas Tata Kota (Indonesian: City Administration Offices; Jakarta, Indonesia)
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Nowadays, these come dressed to kill in anything from faux fur to felt, so don't put up with a sad, naked rubber version.
The brothers arrived in London's Leicester Square last night dressed to kill.
Nuneaton's Queens Hall mark Halloween night with Kiss copyists Dressed to Kill and they're offering halfprice admission to any fans who turn up in appropriate make-up.
The runners up are PINCER MOVEMENT from S Moseley of Tamworth and DRESSED TO KILL from R Gaynor of Sutton Coldfield.
Out-of-Door Academy supporters had a happy landing with their first Extravaganza ever held at Dolphin Aviation, where the 007 "For Your Eyes Only" theme had ODA moms dressed to kill in their best Bond girl looks (think "Girl with a Golden Gun") while stirring martinis at the Moonraker Bar and raising the stakes at Casino Royale.
Jack Flanders and his crew find themselves unexpectedly cast as main characters dressed to kill or be killed, in this wry tongue-in-cheek sleuthing adventure.
Dressed To Kill has been ruled out of the same contest by trainer George Weaver, who told www.bloodhorse.com: "She had a routine gallop and then took a funny step.
Thank you for your article and fantastic pictures of actor, comic, and "action transvestite" Eddie Izzard ["Still Dressed to Kill," October 29].
To entice you even further, there's a free drink for everyone who makes the effort of coming dressed to kill.
Then, she gets dressed to kill. And when the deed is done, and Holofernes' plan is as decapitated as he is, the maid opens her purse, Judith drops the general's head therein, and the two stroll off like Humphrey Bogart and Claude Rains at the end of Casablanca.
The eyewitness added: "Lucy was dressed to kill. She had George pinned down on his stool and he seemed to be enjoying it.
The slasher films of the 1970s, from the low-budget women-in-danger flicks to such classier versions as Dressed to Kill and Looking for Mr.