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D2KData to Knowledge (data mining application)
D2KDeveloper 2000 (Oracle)
D2KDressed to Kill (fashion label; Seoul, South Korea)
D2KDefender 2000 (Atari Jaguar game)
D2KDragonz 2000 (gaming clan)
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The Dressed to Kill exhibit at Domicillo Design Hotel in Tagaytay City (tel.
If you believe, as many do, that De Palma's style in Carrie, The Fury, Dressed to Kill and Blow Out is self-indulgent, overbearing and inhuman, then this movie will probably look like a sign of maturity, maybe even the best work he's ever done.
We're used to King Leo spending millions of euro of taxpayers' money to make out he's dressed to kill when he's really bollock-naked when it comes to political achievements.
Among others, it is said to have inspired Dressed to Kill, Basic Instinct, Batman, The Crying Game and 12 Monkeys.
The normally soured-faced star dressed to kill in a stunning Mendel dress slashed to the thigh as she took to the red carpet with co-star and boyfriend Robert Pattinson.
WOMEN who walk into an interview with a tight-fitting white top, black bra, showing their cleavage and wearing too much jewellery are probably dressed to kill their chances of getting a job, according to new research today.
In Dressed To Kill, the immortal phrase "cake or death" came to life, while in Definite Article, the origins of a can of dog food left anyone watching with tears running down their faces.
Dressed to kill in a black tux, Craig looked every inch the Brit superspy except for a discreet sling he wore to protect an arm injured during filming.
The family have lived in Hightown for nearly 30 years, where Debby set up her designer dress agency Dressed To Kill.
ACTRESS Jennifer Ellison looks dressed to kill - but she plays a real killer for her return to British TV screens.
Staff from Beatties Department Store, in the Kingsgate Shopping Centre, dressed to kill for a James Bond theme night at the Galpharm Stadium on Saturday.