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DRIFTDutch Research Institute for Transitions (Erasmus University; Rotterdam, Netherlands)
DRIFTDiffuse Reflectance Infrared Fourier Transform
DRIFTDirectional Recoil Identification from Tracks
DRIFTDownstream Response to Imposed Flow Transformations (environmental methodology)
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The iceberg drifts slowly--over the black water; through the ashy light.
said Nikita reproachfully, addressing the drift and the hollow and shaking the snow from under his collar.
At first the horse held back, then he jerked forward, hoping to leap the drift, but he had not the strength and sank into it up to his collar.
We were not far off the line the wind made with the western edge of the promontory, and I watched in the hope that some set of the current or send of the sea would drift us past before we reached the surf.
And now, if the gods be truly kind, we shall drift by that next headland and come upon a perfectly sheltered beach, where we may land without wetting our feet.
At this rate the flat would fill and sink long before it could drift to the lower headland.
We were playing Elaine" explained Anne frigidly, without even looking at her rescuer, "and I had to drift down to Camelot in the barge--I mean the flat.
Fearing they might drift too far, Dorothy and Ojo now stood up and raised the Scarecrow in their arms, as high as they could, thus allowing him a good view of the country.
QATAR Racing Club will play host to the Formula Drift Global Challenge on its track on March 18, involving nine of world's best drivers in the business.
The UAE drivers will be trained by world-class drift experts Michael Essa and Tony Brakiohapa in the art of drift racing, and may be selected to display their skills at the Formula Drift event at Yas Marina Circuit on February 25.
Seiber has conducted studies that found that pesticides can drift with the movement of fog, and that some pesticides become enriched several thousandfold in the fog, resulting in the potential for increased toxicity in the respiratory system.
UAE Drift has invited sixteen of JDM Allstars top drivers, handpicked for this 'end-of-season' burnout.