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DRIPSDynamic Rule Based Instrumentation of Production Systems
DRIPSDecision-Theoretic Refinement Planning System
DRIPSDirect Response Information Processing System (software; DRIPSbiz, Inc.)
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Simon Cowell is so enamoured with the drips he says he has a blend of vitamin B12, magnesium, vitamin C and "something for your liver" pumped into his body every week
Athletes can also get a dose of drips fit for their lifestyle.
The drips are used for treatment and prevention of low blood volume, a steep drop in blood pressure, as well as for maintenance of circulation during operations.
DRIP participants generally cut out brokers' commissions, reducing their costs to acquire shares.
But their concern turned to curiosity when it was revealed the singer was hooked up to a vitamin drip.
The benefits of using IV drips to boost energy have been questioned, but it is not believed to be harmful.
During low rpm operation, yon may notice a continual drip from the #10 seal area of the reduction gear box (RGB) without blue exhaust smoke or a measurable oil loss.
The system uses drip irrigation equipment pioneered in Israel.
In the other study, of dripping faucets rather than ceilings, Indiana researchers have for the first time used a computer to simulate a sequence of hundreds of drips rather than just one drip.
Drips are generally a kind of incontinence, a mark of control betrayed by the treacheries of fluid, whether allowed to happen by house painters or by artists.
Yet most gas pipelines continue to throw money out the window and risk environmental liabilities in their handling of condensate and other drip fluids.