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DRIVEDemocrat Republican Independent Voter Education
DRIVEDedicated Road Infrastructure for Vehicle Safety in Europe
DRIVEDISA Registry Initiative
DRIVEDynamic Resolution Intensive Vector Enhancement
DRIVEDistribution And Repair In Variable Environment
DRIVEDefine Review Identify Verify Execute (TQM)
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I must get this off by the early mail, and you drive me distracted with your worry," cried Mrs.
We've got to drive five miles across Missel Moor before we get to the Manor.
So he sat, while the cabman toasted the publican, and the publican toasted the cabman, and both reviewed the affairs of the nation; so he still sat, when his master condescended to return, and drive off at last down-hill, along the curve of Lynedoch Place; but even so sitting, as he passed the end of his father's street, he took one glance from between shielding fingers, and beheld a doctor's carriage at the door.
I was at first inclined to seize my sword, draw it, and drive it into his vitals, but I reflected that if I did we should all certainly be lost, for we should never be able to shift the stone which the monster had put in front of the door.
I say further, and lay my saying to your heart--if Minerva sees fit to vouchsafe me the glory of killing both, stay your horses here and make the reins fast to the rim of the chariot; then be sure you spring Aeneas' horses and drive them from the Trojan to the Achaean ranks.
The evening grew darker, and the roads being crossed by gates it was not safe to drive faster than at a walking pace.
The hauling was not over till mid-day, and as the lumber was to be delivered to Andrew Hale, the Starkfield builder, it was really easier for Ethan to send Jotham Powell, the hired man, back to the farm on foot, and drive the load down to the village himself.
I have to be here at half-past three to take my drops: it's really no use trying to follow Bencomb's new treatment if I don't do it systematically; and if I join you later, of course I shall miss my drive.
We shall drive directly to Clifton and dine there; and, as soon as dinner is over, if there is time for it, go on to Kingsweston.
Kuragin was to put her into a troyka he would have ready and to drive her forty miles to the village of Kamenka, where an unfrocked priest was in readiness to perform a marriage ceremony over them.
The animals you have with you we will drive to the mountains and put into the Black Pit.
I'll drive you to a chemist's and put something on that.