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DRSDrag Reduction System (automobile racing)
DRSDirect Registration System (securities)
DRSDrives (street suffix)
DRSDepartment of Rehabilitative Services
DRSDepartment of Rehabilitation Services
DRSDispute Resolution Service
DRSDistributed Resource Scheduling (VMWare Virtual Infrastructure 3)
DRSDementia Rating Scale
DRSDiabetic Retinopathy Study (US NIH)
DRSDisaster Recovery System
DRSDoctors' Reform Society of Australia
DRSDisability Rating Scale
DRSDirty Rotten Scoundrels (rap group)
DRSData Relay Satellite
DRSDynamic Resource Scheduling (VMware technolgy to provide computing resources on demand)
DRSDiscourse Representation Structure
DRSDebtor Reporting System (World Bank)
DRSDiffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy
DRSDielectric Relaxation Spectroscopy
DRSDecreasing Returns to Scale
DRSDigital Recording System
DRSDisturbance Reduction System
DRSDrum Recovery System
DRSDaily Report Sheet
DRSDisaster Recovery Strategy
DRSDocument Retrieval System
DRSDuane Retraction Syndrome
DRSData Reduction System
DRSDigital Reference Service
DRSDecompression, Reduction and Stabilization (lumbar spine)
DRSDansk Radiologisk Selskab (Danish Society of Radiology)
DRSDresden, Germany - Dresden (Airport Code)
DRSRadio der Deutschen Und Rätoromanischen Schweiz (Radio of the German and Rhaeto-Romanic speaking Switzerland)
DRSWordPerfect Driver Resource (File Name Extension)
DRSDirectory Replication Service
DRSData Retrieval and Storage
DRSDeutscher Rechnungslegungsstandard (German accounting standard)
DRSDoppler Radar System
DRSDynamic Report System
DRSDivision of Radiation Safety
DRSData Rate Selector
DRSDiagnostic Reading Scales
DRSDigital Reference Sequence
DRSDirectory Retrieval System (US Postal Service)
DRSDéfense et Restauration du Sol (French: Defense and Restoration of Soil)
DRSDiscrepancy Reporting System
DRSDépartement Recherches Subatomiques (French: Subatomic Research Department; Institut Pluridisciplinaire Hubert Curien; Strasbourg, France)
DRSData Retrieval Subsystem
DRSData Relay Station
DRSDivision Restructuring Study
DRSDelayed Reaction Syndrome
DRSDesign Reference System
DRSDigital Radar Simulator
DRSDouble-Ring-With-Star (network topology)
DRSDoctor of Religious Science
DRSData Receiving Station
DRSDeployable Red Switch
DRSDeployment Readiness Service
DRSDigital Reconfiguration Service (WorldCom)
DRSData Refinement System
DRSDistributed Rate Splitting
DRSData Recording Subsystem
DRSDesign Requirements Specifications
DRSDocument Review Sheet
DRSDevelopment Requirement Specification
DRSDetention Records System
DRSDependability Requirements Specification
DRSDexterous Robotics System
DRSDynamic Reflectance Spectroscopy
DRSDynamic Resonance Systems Incorporated
DRSDépartement de Recherches en Sécurité (French: Department of Safety Research; Institut de Protection et de Sûreté Nucléaire)
DRSDeae Romae Sacrum (Latin: Sacred to the Godess Rome, epigraphy)
DRSDigital Receiving Station
DRSDigital Reconnaissance System
DRSDetailed Requirements Statement (Sprint)
DRSDetecting & Ranging Set
DRSDealer Recommended Service
DRSDominion Report Series
DRSDedicated Request Slot
DRSDriver Record Surcharge (insurance)
DRSDestination Rail Station
DRSDrawing Retrieval System
DRSDriveline Remanufacture System
DRSDistribution Receiving Station
DRSDry Reed Switch
DRSDoped Repeat Scramble (data transmission)
DRSDeutsche Rallye Serie (German: German Rally Series)
DRSDust Removal System (cleaning equipment)
DRSData Repository System (business information system)
DRSData Recovery Service
DRSDisaster Response Services (various organizations)
DRSDeficiency Reporting System
DRSDocument Retrieval Service (various locations)
DRSDepartment of Rural Sociology (various schools)
DRSDispute Resolution System (realtors)
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Of course I'll drive with Papa--I'm sure Newland will find something to do," May said, in a tone that gently reminded her husband of his lack of response.
It was too unlucky that I couldn't go; but I've had a sore throat, and mother was afraid of the drive home this evening.
It was "after a bit," as she said, for when the carriage passed through the park gates there was still two miles of avenue to drive through and the trees (which nearly met overhead) made it seem as if they were driving through a long dark vault.
Venus screamed aloud, and let her son fall, but Phoebus Apollo caught him in his arms, and hid him in a cloud of darkness, lest some Danaan should drive a spear into his breast and kill him; and Diomed shouted out as he left her, "Daughter of Jove, leave war and battle alone, can you not be contented with beguiling silly women?
Nay, drive straight at Mars, and smite him in close combat; fear not this raging madman, villain incarnate, first on one side and then on the other.
As he spoke he drove the ram outside, but when we were a little way out from the cave and yards, I first got from under the ram's belly, and then freed my comrades; as for the sheep, which were very fat, by constantly heading them in the right direction we managed to drive them down to the ship.
Of course Jotham'll drive you over," Ethan roused himself to answer.
He knew that Zeena must be wondering why he did not offer to drive her to the Flats and let Jotham Powell take the lumber to Starkfield, and at first he could not think of a pretext for not doing so; then he said: "I'd take you over myself, only I've got to collect the cash for the lumber.
At the moment, however, his one desire was to avoid the long drive with her behind the ancient sorrel who never went out of a walk.
The drives also offer enterprise-level features and benefits typical of higher priced LTO devices to further ensure reliability, performance and longevity.
Until recently, tape drives and libraries with native Fibre Channel interfaces were rare.
The rule of thumb applied to drive selection was that alternating current (AC) wound-rotor drives were preferable for super-sized shredders (6,000 hp and above) while direct current (DC) drives were suitable for large and mid-size systems (5,000 hp and below).