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Courts have considered the meaning of the drop dead rule, but unfortunately, the rule has not always appeared as it does now.
Drop Dead begins with the detective's non- existent sex life, her noisy Punjabi family and murder seems to be added as afterthought.
With reference to 'Drop Dead Fee' the Authority decided that the same would be fixed as $350,000 for all the three relevant sub-clauses where it is applicable in the RFP.
"With 'Drop Dead Gorgeous', the boys had done a really basic backing track and I actually thought of the lyrics in a dream!" she explains.
Fed up of all the lies, he tells Colin's mother the truth about her son's demise, only for her to drop dead of a heart attack.
DROP DEAD FRED may be from Tyneside but according to his myspace his favourite dish is a chicken parmo.
Drop Dead Diva, their dramedy about a shallow model reincarnated into the plus-size body of an attorney, has not only attracted such household-name guests stars as Liza, Paula, and Rosie--a rarity for a fledgling series--but proved a ratings bonanza for Lifetime.
Miami's renowned Super Producer--Adrian "Drop" Santalla and his super production team Drop Dead Beats are finally taking their slice of the music industry.
With its discordant sound and screeching vocals, Drop Dead Gorgeous remains a post-hard-core band worth following.
People in their prime aren't suppose to drop dead. "Perfectly Healthy Man Drops Dead" is the story of an ex-lawyer who is accused of murder--for his former partner in his old firm is found dead.
Alex Goldfarb said Lugovoy is a "marked man" who may mysteriously drop dead or disappear.
He said: "It's well-known that people can enter the Great North Run who are very fit and are absolutely fine, then for some unknown reason they drop dead."