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DRMAJDrum Major (US Marine Corps)
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For the drum major uniform display cases, Adib-Samily took measurements of the space, a particular challenge among the Fischell Band Center's slanted walls and ceilings.
With his jealously building up, he pays the drum major a visit when he is beaten up and humiliated.
Rose was the father of a musical dynasty which includes some of the most successful traditional musicians of contemporary West Africa, and the founder and chief drum major of the Drummers of West Africa (all members of his family), and he also led an all-female drum group called Les Rosettes, composed entirely of his own daughters and granddaughters.
"I feel so honored to go, and excited, like my nerves are off the charts right now," said Drum Major Jalen Luna about the upcoming trip to London.
He served as private first class in the Army during World War II and was a drummer and drum major in the Army band.
REGARDING the letter from David Prichard in Feedback concerning the Grangetown St Patrick's Pipe Band, the drum major was the well-known Wales and Grange Albion baseball player Des Walsh.
Drum Major Stephen Ward from Royal Signals Northern Band at the performance at Albert Park
Will Ferrell returned to his alma matter at the University of Southern California and had the privilege of being the only non-marching band member in school history to dress up in the drum major's uniform as unofficial mascot Tommy Trojan.
I realized then that trying to break through were the words of Martin Luther King Jr.'s last sermon, "The Drum Major Instinct," delivered in his Atlanta church Feb.
Speaking to the congregation of Atlanta's Ebenezer Baptist Church, King critiqued what he called the egotistical "drum major instinct," shorthand for a showboat who leads the parade, the paper said.
King, Jr., Drum Major for Justice Advocacy Competition.
delivered a sermon in Atlanta warning against the "drum major instinct"--the showboat mentality that can bring out the worst in people if it isn't directed toward a noble purpose.