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DRUMSDetailed Revision Update of Message
DRUMSDefeasible Reasoning and Uncertainty Management Systems (book)
DRUMSDefense Reutilization and Marketing Service (military property disposal; various locations; US DoD)
DRUMSDynamically Responding Ultrasonic Matrix System (US NASA)
DRUMSDigital Rights Uniform Metadata Service
DRUMSDetailed Revision/Update of Message Standards Working Group (Internet Engineering Task Force)
DRUMSDynamically Responding Underwater Matrix Sonar (acoustic imaging system)
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Many travelers have seen the drums of the great apes, and some have heard the sounds of their beating and the noise of the wild, weird revelry of these first lords of the jungle, but Tarzan, Lord Greystoke, is, doubtless, the only human being who ever joined in the fierce, mad, intoxicating revel of the Dum-Dum.
In the corporal's changed face, in the sound of his voice, in the stirring and deafening noise of the drums, he recognized that mysterious, callous force which compelled people against their will to kill their fellow men- that force the effect of which he had witnessed during the executions.
The rattle of drums, beaten out of all manner of time, was heard above every other sound.
Gongs and drums, banners and flags, are means whereby the ears and eyes of the host may be focused on one particular point.
All day the drums rumbled and whispered, while their menace reflected itself in the faces of our colored companions.
These venerable gentlemen, who I presume were the priests, kept up an uninterrupted monotonous chant, which was partly drowned in the roar of drums. In the right hand they held a finely woven grass fan, with a heavy black wooden handle curiously chased: these fans they kept in continual motion.
But before Alice could answer him, the drums began.
And now the drums and fife made their entrance as before; and here the author brought this short chapter to an end and began the next, following up the same adventure, which is one of the most notable in the history.
On he ran, and louder grew the sounds of pipe and drum: pi-pi-pi, pi-pi-pi, pi-pi-pi
Instantly Madame Defarge's knife was in her girdle; the drum was beating in the streets, as if it and a drummer had flown together by magic; and The Vengeance, uttering terrific shrieks, and flinging her arms about her head like all the forty Furies at once, was tearing from house to house, rousing the women.
"You must all do exactly what I do," ordered the captain; so the shaggy man pounded the drum with his knees, and so did Dorothy and so did Button-Bright.
The roll of the drum at that unquiet crisis seemed to go through the streets, less as the martial music of the soldiers, than as a muster-call to the inhabitants themselves.