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dsDNADouble-Stranded DNA
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Although some of the studies suggested that dsDNA is less frequent in LSLE, and this is because renal involvement is less frequent, some other studies showed that there is no difference between the age groups [6, 19, 21, 26].
There was thus no significant difference in the median plasma DNA concentration and fragment size in wildtype and DNasel knockout mice (Mann-Whitney U-test P = 0.34 for dsDNA and P = 0.88 for ssDNA library preparation).
Firstly, the capture DNA-modified SCGS was submerged into different concentrations of target HIV-1 dsDNA (Oligo-3*Oligo-4) solution for 1 hour.
In addition, the dsDNA molecule is modelled as a surface with a double helicoid geometry, and the parametric equation is given by
A single DFS70 antibody negative patient with stage 4 kidney diseased due to lupus nephritis had high titre (>45 IU/mL [<7]) dsDNA antibody (RIA) results with isolated Ro52 antibody detected on ENA antibody panel testing.
Thirty six patients (21.6%) were positive for ANA, 5 (3%) patients were positive for dsDNA, 14 (8.4%) for ACA IgG, 14 (8.4%) patients for ACA IgM.
Previous studies reported that the SmD1[sub]83-119 epitope is cryptic and not easy to be recognized by antibodies and this can partly explain the low sensitivity of anti-Sm antibody.[sup][10],[11] Investigators have also established that as the major protein component of milk, casein is likely an important cofactor for autoantibodies against the SmD1[sub]83-19 peptide and functions through changing the peptide's critical epitope conformation.[sup][7] Further, Dieker et al .[sup][21] mentioned that binding between autoantibodies and SmD1[sub]83-119 can be mediated by dsDNA and nucleosome.
In the assessment performed after induction treatment, ANA was found to be severely positive, anti dsDNA was found to be significantly increased [63.2U/L (N:<25)], anticardiolipin IgM and IgG were found to be normal, C3 was found to be slightly increased (60 mg/dL) and C4 was found to be increased to the normal level (13 mg/dL).
Scarring alopecia was 30.9% which was less frequent as compared to 86.7% by Kole and Ghosh,12 57% by Wysenbeeket al.24 and 37% by Akhtar and Khan.16 The incidence of ANA-negative SLE was similar (8%) as compared to 4-13% reported previously.31Anti dsDNA antibodies were elevated in 63% of our patients similar to literature.32ANA was positive in 92% similar to what was reported previously.33,34
LN must be strongly suspected in any SLE patient with high titres of double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) and a positive dipstick for blood.
This method uses a fosmid vector that can accommodate up to 40kbp segment of dsDNA. Upon identification of a positive individual colony using FCGR2B specific probe, we will perform next-generation sequencing to identify the genomic organization of FCGR2B CNV allele.
Targeting of double stranded DNA (dsDNA) is an exceedingly interesting challenge due to advances in genome sequencing and the desire to understand how this code dictates cellular function.