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duMdu Maurier (cigarette brand)
duMDepleted Upper Mantle (geochemistry)
duMDorsal Unpaired Median (neurophysiology)
duMDomains under Management (website domain names)
duMDesktop Unified Messaging
duMDatabase Upgrade Manual
duMDifferential Unitary Modulation
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They were standing under a tree, each with an arm round the other's neck, and Alice knew which was which in a moment, because one of them had 'DUM' embroidered on his collar, and the other
They stood so still that she quite forgot they were alive, and she was just looking round to see if the word "TWEEDLE" was written at the back of each collar, when she was startled by a voice coming from the one marked 'DUM.'
"Nec bella fuerunt, Faginus astabat dum scyphus ante dapes." "Nor wars did men molest, When only beechen bowls were in request."
It seems it was entrusted to our little friend here, to take out to Canoodle Dum, and the poor little chap's gone and lost it; ergo, as we're Britishers, they think we've got it!"
"Yank," the other had informed him, "yer a right dum good feller." This sentiment, floating to him upon the still air, had made him tempo- rarily regret war.
Kundu was a TMC president of Ward 6 of North Dum Dum municipality area under Nimta Police station.
Some of the popular vegetarian dishes include Dum Aloo (baby potato in fragrant sauce), Modur Pulao (Aromatic rice preparation), Kadam ka Saag (kashmiri sauteed kohlrabi), Rajma goagzi (kidney beans stew with turnip), Khoya Paneer (green peas and fenugreek in rich cream gravy), Khatte Baingan (kashmiri spice tempered bringal) to name a few.
Made using only natural ingredients, Dum Dum's handmade doughnuts are baked, rather than fried, which the brand says reduces the fat content.
Dum Dum Donutterie says its baked doughnuts and cronuts (which took 17 years to develop) are low in calories; some have 6g of fat.
The duo Jagpreet and Ravi were arrested late on Tuesday night following a complaint lodged by victim's father Jitendra Prasad with the Dum Dum police station.
Flick-A-Pop now supports Game Center with four levels of achievements: Level 1 Flavor Expert - Taste All The Flavors, Level 2 Flicker Fanatic - Score 25 Points in a Single Game, Level 3 Chomper Champ - Get 5 Chomps in a Single Game and Level 4 is the Dum Dum Drum Salute - Eat Over 1,000 pops.
It is also a pleasurable moment to have Abhishek Bachchan and Rohan Sippy to greet the fans of Planet M and unveil the DVD of his film Dum Maro Dum.