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DUBDysfunctional Uterine Bleeding
DUBDial up Boot
DUBDublin, Ireland - Dublin (Airport Code)
DUBDays of Unleavened Bread
DUBDepleted Uranium Bullets
DUBDrupal Usergroup Berlin (Berlin, Germany)
DUBCopy of Duplication of Material (Broadcast Video Tape Operations)
DUBDelivery Under Bond (foreign trade term)
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Inspired by the dual notions of dubbing and acting, Voice to Fame will connect with Nigerian audiences and seek to deliver a wonderful audio-visual feast with the most expressive voices and the most creative acting.
Text to speech can help actors rehearse, review scripts, or create mock-up versions for producers and dubbing directors.
NiS claims that its dubbing system Tazmeen can dub content for Arab audiences at four times the current time at a quarter of the cost.
(2009), for instance, compared dubbing and subtitling and found no significant difference between the two modalities with regards to the mentioned concepts as possible intervening variables.
"I am doing dubbing for men's voice after long time because for almost four years, I was creating voice of female characters in my previous shows so, I really hope that audience like my efforts."
Dubbing is generally seen as the more domesticating of these two translation methods as it erases the foreign audio, negating the viewer any direct access to the original dialogue, while subtitling is seen as the more foreignizing method as it supplements the foreign instead of erasing it.
Moreover, dubbing of science documentaries and educational videos is also facing a ban in the state.
If this is slander, why do you hold on to general terms such as 'dubbing, doctored or fake,' instead of carrying out a convincing technical examination?"
Seuss adaptation--will also be dubbing himself in German for the first time.
TUNIS (TAP) - The Ministry of Women's Affairs has not financed the dubbing of Iranian animated film Persepolis, contrary to what has been announced by some media and websites, says a communique released by the association "women's pictures and words ".
London, Jan 4 (ANI): The French film industry has been branded 'racist' after it banned black actors from dubbing white stars in Gallic versions of English-language movies.