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DUETDhaka University of Engineering and Technology (Bangladesh)
DUETDiversified Utility and Energy Trusts (Australia)
DUETDevelopment of University English Teaching
DUETDirect Universal Electronic Transaction
DUETDuke University Equestrian Team (Durham, NC; est. 1976)
DUETDAML (DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) Agent Markup Language) UML (User Mode Linux) Enhanced Tool
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The SSGC Chairman said that Pakistan's fortunes can change for the better due to the country's youth and stressed that research-oriented collaboration should be encouraged between SSGC and DUET to help combat UFG.
Many of the pieces contain three-note chords, but Labenske primarily used two-note intervals and a running melody, and counter melody, sometimes ostinato chords and patterns, as well as harmonic accompaniments, varying the duet parts so no two are alike.
Personally if I ever consider presenting a duet I would only sing alongside Elissa, due to the common similarities in opinion between us.
PEC believes in saving future of students and is hopefully accredit the four new departments of DUET besides registering affected students of 195-96 batch," the student said.
In Duet II, Barrie (Gary Swain) is not really interested in women, yet Janet (Lynne Jones) sees no reason to stop trying.
The "Eltonbert" collaboration will be on an album of duets being assembled by Humperdinck.
Although not originally conceived as a duet, the two verses of this beautiful song are often shared by two voices.
17 January 2012 - Irish healthcare products provider Covidien plc (NYSE:COV) on Monday announced it was making a voluntary withdrawal of its Duet TRS Universal Straight and Articulating Single-Use Loading Units for thoracic indications after it received reports relating the products to patient deaths after thoracic surgery.
Aussie Dannii helped Scot Leon Jackson win last year's X Factor by getting her superstar sister to duet with him.
One magpie-lark's part in a duet starts an average of half a second after its mate's begins, the researchers say.
In both these duets (and in last year's Distant Cries), the man emerges from darkness and the couple enters a mysterious, intimate place.
NYSE:LXK) have launched the Elesys DUET 400, the smallest DVD/CD Recorder-Printer available in the U.