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DUGDigital Underground
DUGDenver Urban Gardens (est. 1985; Denver, CO)
DUGDatatel Users' Group
DUGDelphi Users Group (client/server development)
DUGDesktop User Guide (computer guide)
DUGDiagonal Unitary Group
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Working closely with DUG and Intel, SGI created a customized solution that gives DUG the best combination of performance, density and power consumption for its needs.
Chief Executive officer of SRSP Shahzada Masoodul Mulk took keen interest in construction of these dug well because during flood and natural calamity people of town area facing great difficulties due to lack of drinking water.
If holes this size are being dug then we would need to be completely confident it is safe to do so.
He said his Company's 2011 plan covers the digging of 140 oil wells, including 76 to be used by the local companies, whilst 58 foreign investment companies that had won the licensing sessions and 4 oil wells dug in Nahr-Omer and Wesern Qurna, as well as two other wells excavated for future commissioning.
dig into 1 : to begin eating <He dug into a plate of pasta.
If you are autumn or winter digging, pick days when the ground isn't too hard or wet and leave it rough dug, letting the winter frosts break up the soil more, and allowing birds to pick off soil pests.
In early April of 2000, a bed of five feet by 10 feet was double dug using the method of Jeavons and Cox in The Sustainable Vegetable Garden, Ten Speed Press, 1999.
The person who coined the expression as easy as falling in a hole," probably wasn't the one who dug the hole beforehand.
Namco Offers a Twist on a Classic with Dig Dug REMIX
As hours ticked toward the deadline for getting usable data, "I dug the biggest hole of my life," he says.
Laitinen calls the stones dug from the three different earth layers, not objects of geological research, but art.
Burns helps open the hole she's dug and I crawl out of my snow tomb.