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Huddled round a single vintage microphone, singing intimate duets with just mountain dulcimer, Dobro and guitar, they are a folk duo that look and sound classically timeless, yet feel refreshingly unique.
This edition has a new preface describing changes to the dulcimer since the first edition, including modern styles and types, tablature and instructional materials, increased historical interest, terminology, and other historical aspects.
admission is free but space is limited, pick up free tickets starting 30 minutes before each show; shadow puppets, plus live Appalachian banjo and hammer dulcimer music; 541-682-8316 or www.
Among her publications were A Garland of Mountain Song (1953), Singing Family of the Cumberlands (1955), The Dulcimer Book (1964), Jean Ritchie's Swapping Song Book (1964), Folk Songs of the Southern Appalachians (1965), and Jean Ritchie's Dulcimer People (1975).
Tsar, being much bigger than Dru or her sister Dulcimer (Dulcie), took up the whole rug.
Based upon period sources entirely, the program will include spoken commentary and involve use of appropriate instruments including violin, Spanish guitar, English and German flutes, spinet, hammered dulcimer, and voices.
70 (Spotlight, Billion Dollar Composer) A trapezoid-shaped hammered dulcimer with metal strings stretched on top, the instrument was a key part of the score for the film "The Grand Budapest Hotel.
Backing up their gentle vocal harmonies with acoustic instruments like hammered dulcimer, guitar, bansuri flute, and tabla, Lakshmi and Ananda take the listener on an imaginary boat ride down a sacred Indian river, with each song depicting a new encounter with a deity such as Gayatri, Govinda, and Ganesha.
Chart star Labrinth has handed over a guitar, while Laura Marling has given a dulcimer as people around the UK pitch in help provide instruments for primary school children in need.
Dolly also demonstrated her versatility by playing a huge range of instruments - including guitar, banjo, dulcimer and even a custom-made rhinestone sax, on which she even played a burst of the Benny Hill theme tune.
300 Gems of Irish Music For All Instruments" is a widely varied, carefully sampled collection of familiar Irish tunes for traditional Irish instruments, including fiddle, flute, tin whistle, uilleann pipes, harp, button accordion, piano accordion, melodeon, concertina, harmonica, tenor banjo, mandolin, bouzouki, cittern, guitar and hammer dulcimer.
Yankee Notions is Jim Douglas (vocals, guitar, English concertina) and Tim Van Egmond (vocals, hammered dulcimer, pennywhistle and Appalachian dulcimer).