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For example, the proportion of the phylum Fimicutes was greater in the feces of Duroc (81.
Lactation performance of Duroc gilts under the single farrowing production system.
DNA isolation and SNP genotyping: Production data and hair follicle samples of 121 Blond Mangalica () x Duroc () F1 crossbred animals (80 gilts and 41 barrows) were collected at the abattoir.
To determine the virulence and pathogenesis of the PRRSV isolated, we performed experimental infection with the ZCYZ isolate in ten 6-week-old domestic Duroc crossbred pigs and ten 6-week-old hybrid wild boars.
En el trabajo se evaluaron cinco grupos geneticos, tres razas puras (Yorkshire, Landrace y Duroc) y dos genotipos: F1 obtenido a partir del cruce de animales Yorkshire x Landrace (YL), y F1 x Duroc (F1D) (cruce terminal por linea paterna).
Contact: Association Valentin Hatiy, Comite d'organization pour le Bicentenaire, Communication, 5 Rue Duroc, 75343 Paris Cedex 07, France; phone: +33-(0)1-44-49-2727; web site: <www.
Duroc (doo-rok) The Duroc was developed in the eastern United States in the mid-1800s.
You can uncover everything from the perfect bottle of red at WineStyles to chichi sandals at Shoe-fly, but the real focus is on food: Pizza Antica's crisp-crusted pies; wild-mushroom meatloaf and other changing takeout fare at Pullman Kitchen; duroc pork and Hereford beef at Vande Rose Farms Meat & Fish market; and a riot of organic produce from family farms at Regionale Produce.
He just loved his racing and although he was tempted into the Flat, with the likes of Mac Love and CD Europe, who won the Coventry, his heart was really in jump racing, where he owned Danegold, who gave us all great days, Warjan and General Duroc.
Although Ocean Tide was 15 lengths in front of San Peire when pipped by General Duroc over this course last month, I anticipate the placings being reversed when they clash again in the Sportsman Handicap Hurdle.
He was leading and going well at the distance of today's race at Sedgefield but was run out of it by General Duroc.
When I started, I wasn't planning to raise these pigs for meat but we had just butchered a 240-pound market Duroc and I never wanted to go through that experience again.