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Of course I'm sorry about the duty I forgot, Aunt Polly," she apologized timidly.
Duty will always find me ready, Sir Patrick, to my dying day.
You tried to be funny about joy and duty," said Miss Dearborn reprovingly; "so of course you didn't succeed.
I believe it his duty to endeavor to restore health and sanity, if there is any hope whatever of it.
When I told him that duty and the oath were above everything, he started proving goodness knows what
No Tax or Duty shall be laid on Articles exported from any State.
By conscience and courage, by deeds of devotion and daring, he soon commended himself to his fellows and his officers; and it was to these qualities and to some knowledge of the country that he owed his selection for his present perilous duty at the extreme outpost.
You forget the duty, Desiree," observed the military trader; "this compromise law is a thousand times worse than any law we have ever had in America.
You have but one duty, John, and that lies in the interest of vested authority.
Hardly a week later, Duty presented itself in his study under the disguise of Fred Vincy, now returned from Omnibus College with his bachelor's degree.
That famous ring that pricked its owner when he forgot duty and followed desire--I wonder if it pricked very hard when he set out on the chase, or whether it pricked but lightly then, and only pierced to the quick when the chase had long been ended, and hope, folding her wings, looked backward and became regret?
If this is not a detailed letter, the reason is that I must soon be starting for the office, in order that, by strict application to duty, I may make amends for the past.