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DTKDeployment Tool Kit
DTKDiverse Tool Kit
DTKDans Ton Kulte (French festival)
DTKDying to Know
DTKDressed to Kill
DTKDown to Kiss
DTKDesired Track
DTKDeception Tool Kit
DTKDeveloper Transition Kit (Apple)
DTKDrak'Tharon Keep (World of Warcraft)
DTKDeveloper's Tool Kit
DTKDown to Kill
DTKDeath the Kid (Soul Eater comic series; Japan)
DTKDinas Tata Kota (Indonesian: City Administration Offices; Jakarta, Indonesia)
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References in classic literature ?
She was dying to know what could be his meaning?"-- and asked Elizabeth whether she could at all understand him?
We didn't open it, but we are dying to know what he says," cried Jo, hugging her sister and offering the note.
The peasants carried divers articles that showed they were on their way from some large town where they had bought them, and were taking them home to their village; and both students and peasants were struck with the same amazement that everybody felt who saw Don Quixote for the first time, and were dying to know who this man, so different from ordinary men, could be.
He hid it when he saw me and looked real silly; but after I had talked to him awhile I just asked him about it, and told him that the gossips said he wrote poetry in it, and if he did would he tell me, because I was dying to know. He said he wrote a little of everything in it; and then I begged him to read me something out of it, and he read me the story of Ursula and Kenneth."
"Well, Charlotte, you have seen him at last!" cried Maria, the instant the door had closed; "and I am dying to know how you like him!"
"Because I could tell them what they are dying to know; but nothing would induce me to help the rascals in any way."
"I've been DYING to know. I saw you at Redmond this morning.
I am dying to know what Blanche said to you when she got better?"
Much of the extensive archival interview footage in Dying To Know was done years ago while SD was still the standard, with the more recent interviews being done in HD.
Dying to Know You is, above all, a charming and heart-felt story about a friendship between an old man and a teenage boy, who supposedly have nothing in common.
"In that time, the entire world was dying to know who shot JR.
If you're dying to know, the story is about a bunch of kids who stumble upon a lost treasure.