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dysDirectorate of Youth and Sport (EU)
dysDivision of Youth Services
dysFamilial Dysautonomia
dysDo You See?
dysDNA Y-Chromosome Segment (genetics)
dysDangeul-Yvré-Savigné (French volleyball club)
dysDistrict Youth Secretary
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Jennifer Sanders, deputy director for education and reentry services at DYS, witnessed it all.
The point is to utilize this knowledge in a positive and constructive manner to help make a positive difference in the society and the country, and which is precisely why the DYS has been organized.
In the April 4 Item story, Barbara Morton, director for the central region of DYS, said the majority of the students would stay in the house for school, those being the so-called "track one'' offenders.
We know what the market is interested in and we deliver," Dys explains.
We amplified a male genomic DNA sample with the new YRS assay and 2 previously described assays, for DYS and for SRY (3).
Molecular characteristics of four human Y specific microsatellites (DYS434, DYS437, DYS438, DYS S439) for population and forensic studies.
A previous study in SCI demonstrated that a DYS classification was associated with burning pain and allodynia (i.e., pain in response to a stimulus that would normally not provoke pain, such as light touch) [23], suggesting that pain types with neuropathic characteristics were associated with a more dysfunctional adaptational pattern.
"Our system is based on the belief that the public interest is best served by helping young people turn their lives around and become law-abiding and productive citizens," said DYS Director Tim Decker.
Over the past three years, DYS has embarked on a work plan to research and implement strategies proven to reduce juvenile crime, a key mission of the department.
Former juvenile detainees sued the Alabama Department of Youth Services (DYS), a former DYS employee, and others under [section] 1983 and state law, alleging that they were sexually and physically assaulted and harassed while in DYS custody.
The Missouri Division of Youth Services' (DYS) juvenile corrections system is gaining attention as a model for other states considering reforms favoring residential treatment over prison for kids who commit crimes.