e-GAPElectronic Grant Application and Processing (UK; Royal Society)
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A hardware/ software bundle, the e-Gap appliance resides on the net work perimeter.
Oman estimates the $100,000 investment in the e-Gap appliance would be recouped quickly.
The Whale e-Gap Remote Access Appliance enables us to provide our diverse user base with access to the collaborative e-mail and potential applications they need no matter where they are," said Eric Veller, info systems engineer in Information Services of Mutual of Omaha.
Whale's e-Gap Remote Access Appliance is a cost effective, convenient and easy to manage clientless alternative to traditional IPSec VPNs, which require client-side software.
Mutual of Omaha looked at a number of alternatives and opted for Whale's e-Gap Remote Access Appliance after intensive in- house performance testing.
Pricing for the e-Gap Remote Access Appliance AE starts at GBP16,800.
Digipass Pack is now compatible with the following products offered by VASCO's Solution Partners: AVAYA VPN and VSU; Check Point Next Generation and Check Point 2000; CISCO (ACS) Access Control Server and PIX Firewall; CITRIX N-Fuse; Cyberguard KS 1000/1500, SL2000, FS 250/500, and LX series; Evidian PortalXpert; Funk Steel Belted Radius; Lucent Navis Radius; Netilla; Netscreen Series; Nomadix USG; Novell NMAS; Sonicwall SISA; Stonesoft StoneGate; Watchguard Firebox and Whale e-gap Webmail.
SHUTTLING APPLICATIONS in real-time between the back office and the outside world over a secure path and without exposing the network to attacks is the specialty of the e-Gap system.
Whale Communications' e-Gap e-commerce security solution enables organizations to provide Internet users with on-line access to core corporate applications and data while maintaining an impenetrable, physical "air gap" between the Internet and their trusted internal network.
e-Gap provides high throughput and accessibility together with ultimate security.
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