e-HUBSHolonomic and Universal Broker Services (collaborative engineering web platform; est. 2002; various locations)
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ResQNet puts a modern face on legacy RPG, COBOL, ERP, CRM, best in class and site developed applications, screens and programs and gives employees, vendors, partners, supply chain as well as stakeholders access to self-service portals & e-hubs.
Intersolve is a subsidiary of Ariel Technologies, which aims to implement e-hubs throughout South Africa using InTrade's e-hub technology.
David Mason discusses the different e-business driven architectures for corporations and explores five alternative digital business models: (1) virtual intermediaries, (2) value webs and e-hubs, (3) smart networked products and systems, (4) collaborative personal relationships that are IT-supported, and (5) direct connections with customers.
Proven on tens of thousands of desktops worldwide, the ResQNet technology puts a modern face on legacy applications, screens and programs, giving employees, vendors, partners, and stakeholders access to self-service portals & e-hubs.
HubStorm's Full Service Hosting is a comprehensive, outsourced service for the hosting and maintenance of e-hubs, exchanges or net markets.
Nasdaq:CLIC), a leading provider of software that enables corporations to sell over the Web, today announced that Skymach Corporation, an applications services provider implementing fully-integrated e-Hubs serving several vertical markets in India, the Middle East and the US, has chosen Calico's suite of eBusiness applications to power its public and private Web-based offerings.
ChinaSteelSite selected HubLightning for its ASP model, its unique net market participant self-publishing technology, its attractive price, and its ability to easily expand with satellite e-hubs, which supports the company's e-franchise strategy.