e-PONElectronic Provincial Offence Notices
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MEL's products include Wavelength-tunable Fiber-ECL SFP (WT-16 and WT-32) for WDM-PON OLT/ONU, Wavelength-reuse SOA SFP (WR-16 and WR-32), and Wavelength-tunable G-PON or E-PON hybrid (WTG16 and WTG32 or WTE16 and WTE32) for WDM/TDM-PON Hybrid OLT/ONU.
com/reports/c36482) has announced the addition of E-PON Technology and Markets to their offering.
The market reacted very positive to this standard acceptance, and E-PON is a welcome newcomer into a group of PON technologies.
E-PON came to the picture after establishing the FSAN group of standards, and its timing reflects the importance of the Ethernet technology:
E-PON Technology and Markets report consists of the two major parts - the technology and the markets.
The author also attempted to compare E-PON with previous standards, which is not a trivial task.
We also attempted to compare G-PON with other PON standards, particular E-PON, which is not a trivial task.