eARCEnhanced Audio Return Channel (High Definition Multimedia Interface)
eARCElectronic Automatic Ride Control
eARCElizabeth Amateur Radio Club (Australia)
eARCEastern Association of Rowing Colleges
eARCEnvironmental Action and Resource Center (California)
eARCEuropean Anti-Rodeo Coalition
eARCElection Administration Research Center (est. 2005; University of California)
eARCEmergency Amateur Radio Club (Hawaii)
eARCEnvironmental Awareness Resource Center
eARCEast Asia Resource Center (Seattle, WA)
eARCEast Asia Relations Commission
eARCEnhanced Adult Residential Care (Washington)
eARCEmployment and Residential Centers
eARCEducational Assessment and Resource Centre (Kenya)
eARCEurope Africa Russia and Caspian
eARCÉclairage Architectural et Muséal (French: Lighting and Architectural Museum Complex)
eARCElectric Armaments Research Center
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The appellant's counsel on the other hand contended that there was a dispute with EARC which stood resolved and under the circumstances, the letter of EARC dated 14th October, 2008 must not be considered.
11) Concerns about access to justice and government accountability in Queensland were documented in the Fitzgerald report and the EARC report.
13) Shortly thereafter EARC investigated the perceived shortcomings in the judicial review system, concluding that reform was warranted.
In light of the views of both the ARC and EARC (which endorsed and adopted the ARC's recommendations in this regard) regarding what became s 4(b) of the JRA, the operation of s 4(b) has, understandably, been described as 'disappointing'.
The Crusaders swept EARC opponent Rutgers April 21, and a week later, won two of three races (varsity eight, second varsity eight) against Bucknell.
In its latest reports, ISTAG (2003a, 2003b) also acknowledges this challenge and proposes the concept of EARCs as a possible way of addressing it.
EARCs seem to provide a promising way forward by embedding IST RTD in its socio-economic and user context.
80) See: EARC, Report on the Review of the Elections Act 1983-1991 and Related Matters, December 1991, Vol 2, Appendix D; EARC, Report on Consolidation and Review of the Queensland Constitution, August 1993, paras 4.
Rather it would be likely to be interpreted as merely regulating the exercise of s 2: EARC, Report on Consolidation and Review of the Queensland Constitution, August 1993, Public Submission No 20, p 21.
The EARC will decide on Holy Cross' permanent membership status in 2009.
In Michigan, BEAM provides additional motivation and support; in other states, these are provided by the EARCs.
Gabriel Negatu, the EARCs Regional Director reiterated in his opening remarks that violence against women and girls was one of the most rampant human rights violations.