eArmyUElectronic Army University (distance education)
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eArmyU is an Army online learning portal which provides access for Soldiers to over 100 degree plans at regionally-accredited colleges and universities.
The eArmyU "no laptop" enrollment, now called "eCourse enrollment," will also be extended to all officers beginning this month, officials said.
Twenty-nine two- and four-year colleges participate in eArmyU as "education partners.
eArmyU offers tutoring around the clock, but many programs do not.
Currently, the eArmyU program offers 87 programs from 24 different educational institutions (originally 29 institutions).
More than 65,000 Soldiers are enrolled in eArmyu, which was developed in 2001.
The Army launched eArmyU in 2001, to offer eligible enlisted Soldiers the opportunity to work toward a college degree or certificate online.
CHANGES in re-enlistment criteria broaden eligibility for the eArmyU laptop enrollment option and extend the program's no-laptop option to all officers.
More than 9,000 soldiers have signed up for distance education so far this year through eARMYU.
ACES counselors assist Soldiers in identifying education goals, provide counseling on tuition assistance and Army education policies and procedures, and initiate eArmyU enrollment.
Army for its education initiative, eArmyU, and stated eArmyU "is now one of the nation's largest virtual universities.