eCODEEuropean Centre for Offshore Development (outsourcing consultants)
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While speaking to the audience, Minister said that it is heartening to know that the ECODE conference has attracted a good number of researchers from all around the globe and had high number of submissions.
The A300 integrates with Todos eCode, which includes the Todos VAS server and various eBanking and eCommerce add-on modules handpicked by the bank.
"Going wireless was the next natural step in the evolution of our Internet identity service," said Rohit Chandra,'s president and CEO.
Two days International Conference on ' Emerging Challenges for Organizations in Developing Economies (ECODE)' organized by Bahria University concluded at BU Islamabad Campus.
"Emerging Challenges for Organizations in Developing Economies (ECODE)" organized by Bahria University (BU)Islamabad Campus.
The Ecode for scooters is included in Table 1 because no Kcode exists for scooters.
ISLAMABAD -- Bahria University Islamabad Monday held two-day international conference on "Emerging Challenges for Organizations in Developing Economies (ECODE)" with an aim to offer a platform for academicians, researchers, practitioners and students to learn and share knowledge.
(1) Translated from Fundacion ECODES, available on
Durante su permanencia, la politica ecologica neoliberal fue manufacturada por el World Wildlife Fund de Estados Unidos (wwf-us) en la Conferencia sobre Estrategia de Conservacion para el Desarrollo Sostenible (ecodes) en 1988.
Recuperado el 5 de marzo del 2013, de ...
Cost considerations, environmental concerns, and ease of distribution are favoring electronic channels while interactive eCodes engage today's employees through video vignettes, wikis, blogs, pop-ups, and other dynamic content."