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ECSEducation Commission of the States (Denver, CO)
ECSElitegroup Computer Systems
ECSEngineering and Computer Science
ECSElectronics and Computer Science
ECSElectrochemical Society
eCSeComStation (operating system)
ECSEnvironmental Control System
ECSEpiscopal Community Services (San Francisco, California)
ECSEvangelical Christian School (Cordova, TN)
ECSExport Control System
ECSEarly Childhood Services
ECSElectronic Chart System
ECSEast Coast Swing (dance style)
ECSElectronic Clearing System
ECSElectroconvulsive Shock
ECSElectronic Control System
ECSEnergy Control System
ECSEnterprise Communications Server
ECSEmission Control System
ECSEast China Sea
ECSEnhanced Chip Set (Amiga)
ECSEcological Classification System
ECSEpiscopal Church of the Sudan
ECSElectronic Commerce Services
ECSEmpty Coaching Stock (railway)
ECSElectronic Charting Systems
ECSEconomy Class Syndrome (Deep Vein Thrombosis)
ECSEvent Correlation Services
ECSEuropean Communications Satellite
ECSExpeditionary Combat Support
ECSElectronic Claim Submission (insurance)
ECSEngagement Control Station
ECSEmbedded Computer System
ECSElder Care Specialist
ECSElectrical Control System
ECSEarlham Computing Services
ECSEagle Creek Systems, Inc.
ECSEntertainment Computer System (Intellivision video game system)
ECSEllensburg Christian School
ECSEberron Campaign Setting (roleplaying games, Dungeons & Dragons)
ECSExtended Character Set
ECSElectronic Customer Support
ECSElectronic Communications System
ECSElectronic Combat Squadron
ECSEquipment Concentration Site
ECSEngineering Control System
ECSEngineering & Computer Simulations, Inc (Orlando, Florida)
ECSExpeditionary Communications Squadron
ECSExtended Core Storage
ECSEntertainment Computing Symposium
ECSEquilibrium Crystal Shape
ECSEmpire of Chivalry and Steel (Middle Ages historical interpretation organization)
ECSEmpire City Subway
ECSEncarta Class Server (Microsoft)
ECSEntry Control System
ECSElectronic Cloaking System (Full Metal Panic! reference; Japanese animation)
ECSEmergency Calling Service (911 emergency service in SS7 documentation)
ECSEncryption Control Signal
ECSEmployee Consultation Service
ECSElectronic Customer Service
ECSExtra Cash Systems (website)
ECSEgyptian Commercial Service (Egyptian Ministry of Trade and Industry)
ECSElectronic Cash Systems, Inc.
ECSEvansville Christian School (Evansville, IN)
ECSEmergency Communications Staff
ECSExterior Communications System
ECSEstate Computer Systems LTD
ECSElectronics, Controls, and Software (automobile engineering)
ECSEnterprise Communication System
ECSEmergency Cooling System
ECSExchange Conferencing Server (Microsoft)
ECSElectrical Charging System
ECSExact Coherent States (physics)
ECSElectro-Chemical Sensor
ECSEnergy Conversion Subsystem
ECSExecutive Control System
ECSEtherington Conservation Services (Greensboro, North Carolina)
ECSEssential Care Skills (St John Ambulance, UK)
ECSEmergency Control Station
ECSExercise Control System
ECSEngineering Change Support
ECSElectronic Consult System
ECSEnhanced Control Server (Lucent)
ECSExercise Control Squadron
ECSElitegroup Computer Services
ECSEmergency Collaboration System (Forum Communications International)
ECSElectronic Cross-connect System (Sprint)
ECSEvansville Chrysler Sunbeam (ammunition headstamp)
eCSE-Catalog Suite
ECSEuropean Center of Study (Italy)
ECSExtended Campus Service
ECSExtended Customer Service
ECSEvent Correlation Subsystem
ECSElectronic Countersurveillance
ECSEastern Computer Services, Incorporated
ECSEffects Coordination System
ECSEncapsulated Coordinate System
ECSElectrabel Customer Solution
ECSEnhanced Comfort System (Thomasville furniture)
ECSExchange Carrier Standard
ECSEvent Communications Service(s)
ECSExperimental Control System/Station
ECSExecutive Control Subsystem
ECSEnhanced Chukka Shoe (Navy Boondocker)
ECSEnterprise Commerce Solutions
ECSExcitation Compounding Scheme
ECSEthernet Communications Server (Sprint)
ECSEstonian Cancer Society
ECSEarly Childhood Screening (various organizations)
ECSEnergy Charter Secretariat (Energy Charter Treaty)
ECSEducational Career Services
ECSExpert Consulting Service (various organizations)
ECSExpress Computer Service (various locations)
ECSEmployment Career Services (various schools)
ECSEducation, Community and Society (UK)
ECSEastern Caribbean States
ECSExtended Continental Shelf (est. 2003)
ECSEducator Certification System (Illinois State Board of Education)
ECSSucre (former currency of Ecuador; now EUR)
ECSElective Caesarean Section (also seen as ELCS; obstetrics)
ECSEnterprise Car Sales
ECSExceptional Customer Service (various companies)
ECSEppson Center for Seniors (Laramie, WY)
ECSExecutive Coaching Service (various organizations)
ECSEducation Cost Sharing (Connecticut)
ECSExternal Computer System
ECSEarly Childhood School (various locations)
ECSEducation, Culture & Society (various schools)