eICICEnhanced Inter-Cell Interference Coordination (telecommunications)
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P Fettweis, "Comparison of abstract resource management model for SON algorithm of eICIC with real radio resource management," in Proceedings of the 80th IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC '14), pp.
There have been many load-balancing schemes in literature to determine the bias values for CRE and the ABS ratio for the eICIC, which can be categorized as follows: (i) a joint optimization of user association and ABS ratios such as in [8, 9], (ii) a global optimization of CRE bias values and ABS ratios such as in [10, 11], and (iii) a local optimization of ABS ratios for a given common bias value such as in [12-14].
In high and super-high SCBS densities, the overall capacity of the 'no eICIC' case is higher than that of 'eICIC.' That is because taking no action at the small cells (i.e., 'no eICIC') results in worse macrocell user protection but better small cell throughput performance compared with the 'eICIC' cases.
While the lines with stars represent the no IM signaling transmissions using LMMSE Equalizer, the line with sphere represents the eICIC on signaling transmissions using LMMSE Equalizer, the triangle line represents the improved SE, simulating that our analysed scheme achieves better spectral efficiency.
This latest enhancement to the TM500 Test Mobile platform allows engineers developing and testing LTE base stations (eNodeB) to integrate and validate the eICIC feature and verify the advantages of heterogeneous deployments.
The eICIC configuration problem is coupled with user association; that is, the parameters of ABS and user association rule decide the available radio resources and the users assignment between macrocell and picocell.
The new LTE-Advanced features, such as Enhanced Inter-Cell Interference Coordination (eICIC), Coordinated Multipoint Transmission (CoMP), Carrier Aggregation (CA) and Multi-Media Broadcast over a Single Frequency Network (MBSFN), require a high degree of precision.