eINDExploratory Investigational New Drugs (clinical studies)
eINDElectronic Investigational New Drug Application (US Food and Drug Administration)
eINDEarly Ischemic Neuronal Damage (experimental brain damage measurement)
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For more on this see: Marjet Derks, "NEC's Antilliaanse Voetbalhelden Eind Jaren Vijftig: Sport in (Post)Koloniaal Perspectief," De SportWereld, no.
Sanofi Pasteur submitted an eIND application for U.S.
Yet, as many people have pointed out, (7) one must distinguish EInd from phenomenal indistinguishability (PInd), i.e., the inability to distinguish two experiences constitutively depending on their having the same phenomenal properties.
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The dynamic poetics of Journey to the Eind of Spring differs from that of Zupan's contemporaries, for in his novels the erotic is not only a literary record of sensuality, but pervades the existential and essential anguish of modern man.
Heeres, 'Eene Engelsche lezig omtrent de verovering van Banda en Ambon in 1796 en omtrent den Toestand dier eilanden groepen op her eind der achttiende eeuw', Bijdragen tot de Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde, 17 (1914): 354, as follows: 4,387 slaves in a total population of 5,763 people; that is, slaves equated to some 76% of the population.
Nederland: de ontwikkelingen sinds eind jaren 80 (Nationally anchored, locally strengthened?
Hence, sentence (35d), with the order of de tweedejaars and eind juni reversed, is predicted to be well-formed--in agreement with fact.
Hiddink, who won the European Cup with PSV Eind hoven in 1988, has set his heart on winning the trophy again, and he's willing to get physical to do it.