eLAKEndogenous Lymphokine-Activated Killer
eLAKEffector Lymphokine-Activated Killer Activity
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In 2008 the total sales volume of paints and varnishes manufactured by the Russian and Ukrainian plants of the company (ZAO Empils in Rostov-on-Don and OAO Elaks in Odessa) amounted to $141 million and increased ten percent over the year before.
Empils operates two production sites--ZAO Empils in Rostov-on-Don in Russia and OAO Elaks in Odessa, Ukraine--and focuses largely on the architectural segment.
Series Form III Infinitive Infinitive elada 'tarbida 2pl Imper elage 'tarbige Jussive elagu 'tarbigu Gerund elades 'tarbides Past Part elanud 'tarbinud Present Ind (1sg) elan 'tarbin Cond (3sg) elaks 'tarbiks 2sg Imper ela 'tarbi Supine Supine elama 'tarbima Pres Part elav 'tarbiv Evidential elavat 'tarbivat Past (1sg) elasin 'tarbisin Impersonal Pres elatakse 'tarbitakse Past elati 'tarbiti ...
OAO Elaks, the Ukrainian enterprise of Empils, has developed and introduced Uyut paint and varnish to the Ukrainian DIY market.
Empils, Russia's biggest paint producer, which is owned by Novoe Sodruzhestvo Holding, expects to raise output of coatings and varnishes by approximately 20% this year to 95,000 tons after upgrading its Elaks, Ukraine plant, which it took over last year.