eLIBElectronic Libraries (The Electronic Libraries Programme)
eLIBElectronic Library
eLIBEnzyme Linked Immunotransfer Blot Technique (parasitic diseases)
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GMB regional secretary, Tom Brennan, said: "We welcome the compensation offered, the extra funding for research and the ELIB.
Honorable Mention: "Spheres," ink and watercolor, by Elib Apodaca (Not available)
The JISC established the eLib program (eLib, 2001) in the mid1990s, providing an opportunity for experimentation in multiple areas, including a strand for the establishment of pilot subject gateways.
The HERON (Higher Education ON-demand) project was established in 1998 and arose from JISC's eLib Phase 3 "project into service" strand.
s eLib, ERCIM's efforts in Western Europe, and high profile projects in France, Japan, China, the Netherlands, and other nations.
The fourth is CHED elib (proquest central) (students: mean = 3.
Mechanical characterization of PP-CNTs compounds was carried out with an electromechanical universal machine ELIB 50 (SAE Ibertest, Madrid, Spain) following the guidelines of the UNE EN ISO 527-1 standard at a constant rate of 20 mm [min.
Some examples of "personalized current awareness news services" are Net2one (Net2one, 2003), MSNBC News Filters (MSNBC, 2003), and the eLib Newsagent project (eLib Newsagent, 2000).
Phase 3 is an attempt to consolidate the experience and lessons learned from these past projects and to build model digital libraries for the future through four main approaches (described in more detail below): hybrid libraries, large-scale resource discovery, digital preservation, and the development of early eLib projects into services.
Recent projects have been funded under the Electronic Libraries Programme, or eLib, (see www.