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ELORANEnhanced Long Range Navigation (US Coast Guard)
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Goward said the Air Force previously had a deployable version of the Loran device in the 1970s and that an updated version could "easily" be developed for eLoran.
The differential reference station is simply a box that is connected to the eLoran transmitter via the internet.
As part of the eLoran upgrade, information about the various propagation paths at each port will be collected, integrated into the system and monitored.
The final version of eLoran will use three caesium clocks at each station, which will be synchronised with coordinated universal time--the standard to which clocks are regulated.
He adds: "We are now at the stage where we are happy with the technology." The next phase involves rolling out eLoran to provide the UK with an initial operating capability.
While a domestic eLoran network would not fulfill all Defense Department requirements, especially during expeditionary operations, this system would still provide substantial benefits to the military services.
Spending $40 million to stand up a domestic eLoran system would provide a cost-effective method to enhance these efforts by preserving a critical capability in the event of an attack on our space assets.
A domestic eLoran system, developed through the combined efforts of both the public and private sector, including DoD, will help us address a critical security vulnerability, protect our interests and assets and make Americans safer.
He also said the big problem with eLORAN is that modern steel frames -- like those found in most tall buildings -- can distort its signal.
Along with eLORAN, Cockshott and other experts would like to see stiffer penalties against jammers.