eMARSElectronic Medication Administration Record and Scheduling
eMARSEnvironmental Materials Aggregation and Reporting System
eMARSElectronic Maintenance Activity Reporting and Scheduling (US Postal Service)
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Synapsis' new EMARS REACH Solution enables users to:
EMARS automates the collection, validation, and management of this supplier data.
EMARS is an off-the-shelf solution that offers a complete set of functionality to analyze and track compliance at the substance, material, part and product level as well as efficiently manage the data collection and reporting process.
EMARS enables companies to meet various industry regulations and sets the framework for staying ahead of the growing and constantly changing environmental requirements.
EMARS users can identify the presence, concentration, and weights of these substances in their products in minutes.
EMARS users receive automatic updates as the number of SVHC increases over time.
Currently, the status of implementation of the EMARs varies from nation to nation, and at this stage the application is still mostly limited to some multinational aircraft programmes like A400M.
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Synapsis' new EMARS China RoHS Solution enables users to:
For example, during the winter of 2004, Rothman used eMARS to search for spikes in flu symptoms in order to alert other hospitals to the potential of a widespread flu epidemic.
While working with these agencies, EMA's intelligence system, eMARS (Emergency Medicine Analysis and Reporting System), has been modified to allow for analysis of ED encounter data and placement of patients into syndromic groups based on ICD9 logic developed by the CDC and Essence, and patient complaint logic developed initially by the New York City DOH and modified by the New York State DOH.
The Sapphire/EMA-designed eMARS dashboard for biosurveillance cross-references patient complaints and doctor diagnoses, and compares the results with statistical norms.