eMILPOElectronic Military Personnel Office
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This is accomplished by ensuring that these leaders clearly understand their units' MTOE personnel authorizations and how to properly track their Soldiers' availability status in eMILPO.
The GOSC identified personnel incorrectly slotted in eMILPO and the DMOS box not checked in the Net-Centric Unit Status Report (NetUSR) application as two reasons units do not report P-1.
Slot lower enlisted personnel, noncommissioned officers, warrant officers, and officers correctly in eMILPO.
One might argue that replacing available DMO SQ will take the focus off of the need for unit personnel officers to properly slot Soldiers in eMILPO, but that is misguided.
EMILPO uses the term "legal processing" to describe those certain legal situations that make a Soldier nondeployable.
23) Significantly, Soldiers assigned one or more of these four eMILPO codes are reported in eMILPO as temporarily nonavailable for deployment.
Personnel readiness information captured by these eMILPO codes is usually the subject of bi-weekly command and staff meetings at the brigade level.
The previous eMILPO simulator did not provide these capabilities.
Recognizing the constraints of the previous simulator, the AG School solicited support from the Adjutant General of the Army to develop a new eMILPO simulator.
Using eMILPO, students now gather and analyze data and develop real-world solutions to Army HR and personnel issues.
The brigade S1 and battalion S1 must have access to LAN capabilities in order to process transactions on eMILPO and MyPay for their subordinate units.
Compare manual personnel strength information against eMILPO information; identify and resolve discrepancies.