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ePROElectronic Patient Reported Outcomes
ePROElectronic Procurement
ePROEmergency Protective Restraining Order (domestic court order)
ePROElectronic Procurement Rekayasa Online
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Biomedical Systems' second generation ePRO platform supports home, site and Web-based systems to collect timely, high-quality data for clinical trials around the world.
Since 2012, three new members joined EPRO from the Netherlands, Canada and South Africa.
Exco InTouch is delighted to join the ePRO Consortium to help advance the science of electronic data capture and create standardized guidelines to ensure all data collated electronically in clinical trials is valid and reliable," said Tim Davis, chief executive officer of Exco InTouch.
Francis Huysman, Co Chairman, EPRO commented: "EPRO have been delighted by the level of interest in the competition and highly encouraged to see how far the 'recycled products' industry has advanced.
According to the company, ClinPhone ePRO offers an easy-to-use solution for capturing patient self-reported data, ranging from simple diaries to sophisticated health-related quality of life instruments.
EPRO also says that plastic packaging waste from companies is nearly as plentiful as-and easier to collect than-household waste.
Cross-Over Between Direct-to-Patient Studies, Social Media, and EDC," June 28, 9-10:30am - The session will examine how traditional boundaries between ePRO, Electronic Data Capture (EDC) and Community Health information sharing are blurring as community principles of social media and direct-to-patient studies emerge.
ePRO is an award-winning Procure-to-Pay platform that enables customers to directly collaborate with providers to gain control of spend management and optimize purchasing power.
We look forward to seeing this years entries," said Eirik Oland, Head of Working Group, EPRO Communications.
PacificNet Inc (Nasdaq: PACT), a provider of CRM, gaming and ecommerce services in China, announced on Monday (8 October) that PacificNet Epro, the company's subsidiary, has been selected by the Jiangsu branch of China Telecom (NYSE: CHA), a fixed service telecomms service provider in China, to provide CRM and call centre consulting services for China Telecom's '114' Information Directory Services, an information directory hotline service in China.
World's largest, most experienced ePRO provider to welcome regulators, sponsors, sites and CROs June 12-14, Annecy, France