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To enable large-scale and controllable performance studies of our algorithm, we have developed homegrown robot and camera simulators to simulate the ER1 robots [6] and the AXIS 2130 cameras [2] in the lab on which the warn or photo action is executed.
The ER1, which made its retail debut earlier this month both at traditional retailers like FAO Schwarz and Fry's and online at Amazon.
Useful is a fairly relative term - the ER1 relies on a fairly tech-savvy user and is limited to activities like fetching drinks, taking pictures and playing music.
1 -- color) Idealab in Pasadena, birthplace of the party robot, is also working on the Ultrabot, which features many of the extras its makers hope to develop into accessories to add on to the ER1 model available in stores and online.
The ER1 package consists of wheels and an aluminum frame for mounting a laptop onto a rolling platform, a Web camera for gathering visual information, a control module and software to make the whole thing work.
NorthStar is an important addition to our portfolio of offerings to research and education which includes the ER1 robot platform and Evolution Robotics Software Platform.
Evolution Robotics' ER1 Personal Robot System, Motorola's Digital Camera, Red Peacock's Out & Touch and Skullcandy's Hands-Free Stereo Headphones were just a few products receiving rave reviews.
From Fry's to FAO Schwarz, From J&R to Amazon, Leading Retailers Are Now Offering the World's First Personal Robot System Designed for The Home and Workplace -- Check out The ER1 Demo Days at Select Retail Locations Nationwide
Consumer technology enthusiasts can purchase the ER1 in time for the holiday season from a mix of popular consumer electronic retail outlets including Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN), Fry's Electronics, select FAO Schwarz stores, J&R Computer World, TigerDirect, Insight, as well as through Evolution Robotics web site, www.
The ER1, available in two configurations, is the first in a line of autonomous personal robots that Evolution Robotics plans to introduce over the next year, and which truly brings robots into the mainstream consumer market.
The ER1 Personal Robot, retailing for $599, is the first easy-to-use personal robot system that provides robust real world functionality, allowing early-adopter consumers to own mobile robots that can be trained to autonomously perform tasks for them.