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Pelet had, on the occasion of his fete, given the boys a treat, which treat consisted in a party of pleasure to a certain place of public resort in the outskirts of Brussels, of which I do not at this moment remember the name, but near it were several of those lakelets called etangs; and there was one etang, larger than the rest, where on holidays people were accustomed to amuse themselves by rowing round it in little boats.
Il s'est indigne de voir le majestueux fleuve se transformer en un petit etang des effets de la pollution et des empietements.
In the early 1900s, with many of the island's forested contours headed for conversion to agricultural use, the Grand Etang region was set aside as a reserve.
After Sete, it was a dash back across the Etang Du Thau to the port of Marseillan.
However during the study period a strike in 1989 delayed by 10 d the pumping of water, resulting in a late flooding that year of many lagoons, including the Etang du Fangassier.
McIntyre said: "Etang du Moulin has been used by a local angling club for many years and is already well established as a fishery.
La region compte une zone humide geothermique qui est une cuvette entouree de montagnes abruptes culminant a 1.672 m ou se trouvent deux petits etangs aux eaux salees, claires et profondes.
Several countries took the opportunity to announce the inclusion of new sites on the list of wetlands of international importance, notably Albania (Lake Shkodra and the River Buna), la France (Les etangs littoraux de la Narbonnaise), Guatemala (Parque Nacional Yaxha-Nakum-Naranjo), Jamaica (Portland Bight Wetlands and Cays), Mexico (Cascadas de Texolo y su entorno; Estero de Punta Banda; Isla Rasa; and Manglares y Humedales de Tuxpan), South Korea (Suncheon Bay), and Romanie (Dumbravita Fishpond Complex; and Mures Floodplain)
The Camargue is a unique area of marsh and shallow lakes called Etangs, at the delta formed by the two arms of the Rhone.