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The boys having eaten an unlimited quantity of "gaufres," and drank several bottles of Louvain beer, amid the shades of a garden made and provided for such crams, petitioned the director for leave to take a row on the etang.
Il s'est indigne de voir le majestueux fleuve se transformer en un petit etang des effets de la pollution et des empietements.
In the early 1900s, with many of the island's forested contours headed for conversion to agricultural use, the Grand Etang region was set aside as a reserve.
After Sete, it was a dash back across the Etang Du Thau to the port of Marseillan.
However during the study period a strike in 1989 delayed by 10 d the pumping of water, resulting in a late flooding that year of many lagoons, including the Etang du Fangassier.
beaucoup moins que] Le premier etang, mitoyen au hammam thermal, occupe en grande partie par des roselieres, est appele Dzira.
One of Europes largest saltwater lakes, the Etang de Berre (Bouches-du-Rhone, France) has been ailing for decades due mainly to the industrialisation and massive urbanisation of its shores and its hydrological basin, according to a survey carried out in 2002 by the group campaigning to save it (Groupement d'Interet Public pour la Rehabilitation de lEtang de Berre or GIPREB).
The new venture is by fishing buddies Dave McIntyre and Ben Timbrell, who have acquired control of Etang du Moulin, a picturesque pool between Macon and Lyon.
Highlights of your might include a visit to the spectacular Annandale Falls--crystal-clear cascades splashing in a Garden of Eden setting; LaSagesse Nature Center; historic Fort Frederick; and the stunning Grand Etang National Park, where a pristine volcanic lake sits in the middle of a misty rain forest.
In May, it broke upon the global scene when it forged a marketing alliance with etang.
Les villageois chantent des chansons, font des offrandes de riz et d'herbe, puis apres la ceremonie, les grenouilles sont relachees dans un etang du village", a detaille Tajul Islam.
Recently SmartReminders forged other marketing alliances with the Chinese portal etang.