eWFMe-Workforce Management
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First in the Field' is not just about our place in the EWFM market," said Nott.
TMC Labs liked that eWFM can handle multiskill scheduling for multimedia communication channels, adds real-time schedule adherence monitoring, while also enabling Web-based agent self service.
In EWFM specimens, the crack tip region or yield zone is divided into two parts - an end region, where the crack initiation process takes place, and an outer region, where plastic deformation accommodates the larger strain.
Our EWFM specimens were cut from sides of cylindrical bottles.
Besides the EWFM experiments, resins X, A, B, C, and D were tested in full-scale, water-filled, drop impact tests (1).
We see game changing opportunity for mobile technology across the EWFM product line as well as the rest of RedPrairie's solution suite and look forward to the challenge of realizing that potential together.
The team is proud of the speed in which RedPrairie EWFM was deployed across Foot Locker's North American network," said Noel Goggin, senior vice president, retail at RedPrairie.
Foot Locker's implementation of RedPrairie EWFM will allow for the holistic management of its workforce through integrated applications that address time and attendance, forecasting, scheduling, labor standards, and execution management.
eWFM fully integrates with Aspect's flagship Uniphi Suite, and includes significant new capabilities that drive workforce productivity.
With RedPrairie EWFM retailers can deploy a single, integrated suite of applications to drive workforce productivity and effectiveness across the entire retail enterprise - including stores, service centers, distribution centers, contact centers, headquarters and manufacturing operations.
RedPrairie EWFM can scale to process more than 1 million concurrent time punches in less than 15 minutes, and schedule 2.
As of January 2012, RedPrairie's EWFM solution is deployed in over 20 languages across more than 34 countries worldwide, making it a true global solution for retailers.