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Features include support for major backup software, compliance with the Storage Networking Industry Association's extended copy specifications and advanced management capabilities, such as support for Logical Unit Number zoning and masking.
Fibre Channel at the drive level also opens new possibilities to automation vendors with advanced connectivity protocols like SNIA's Extended Copy (eCopy).
Version 2.0 also supports the Extended Copy protocol, an open standard that
You've probably heard a lot about the advantages of third party copy, also known as extended copy or serverless backup, in Fibre Channel SANs.
In most cases, this snapshot occurs at the data host, and then a hardware device that supports the SCSI Extended Copy Command.
The SCSI Extended Copy command, a new ANSI T10 standard, also supports data movement directly between storage subsystems through a data mover appliance on the SAN.
Server-less backup, also known as third-party copy or extended copy, is a feature in which the backup operation is accomplished without affecting the I/O bandwidth of the application server.
Currently, the Extended Copy Command interface is the most popular interface for these types of applications.
Legato's Celestra introduced an open, distributed architecture that optimizes data movement efficiency by using the open standard SCSI Extended Copy specification.
One solution to this problem is to build an extended copy feature in the SAN and perform a server-less backup, moving data directly to/from tape, offloading both the server and network of the actual data movement.
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