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EQEqualization/Equalizer/Equalize (audio term)
EQEqual to (or equivalant; computer math)
EQEducation Queensland
EQEmotional Quotient
EQElectric Quilt (quilting software)
EQEnvironmental Quality
EQEvil Queen
EQExceptional Quality ((also seen as eQ)
EQEmpireQuest (online game)
EQEnvironmental Qualification
EQEquipment Qualification
EQEducational Quotient
EQEncephalization Quotient (comparison of intelligence between species)
EQElder's Quorum (LDS Church)
EQEstimation-Quantization (coder type)
EQEnglish Qaballa
EQEnlisted Quarters
EQEarthQuakers (online gaming clan)
EQEthics Quotient
EQEstimation Quantizer
EQEnumerator Questionnaire (US Census Bureau)
EQEnvironmental Quescense (Canada)
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The morning service was over, I was walking through the roads to clear my brain for the afternoon, and then--fire, earthquake, death!
Think of what earthquakes and floods, wars and volcanoes, have done before to men!
All this while I sat upon the ground very much terrified and dejected; when on a sudden it came into my thoughts, that these winds and rain being the consequences of the earthquake, the earthquake itself was spent and over, and I might venture into my cave again.
Meanwhile earth-encircling Neptune lord of the earthquake cheered on the Argives, for he had come up out of the sea and had assumed the form and voice of Calchas.
As he spoke the earth-encircling lord of the earthquake struck both of them with his sceptre and filled their hearts with daring.
Tears began falling from their eyes as they beheld them, for they made sure that they should not escape destruction; but the lord of the earthquake passed lightly about among them and urged their battalions to the front.
I live on top of the earth, your honor, which is far better than living inside it; but yesterday I went up in a balloon, and when I came down I fell into a big crack in the earth, caused by an earthquake. I had let so much gas out of my balloon that I could not rise again, and in a few minutes the earth closed over my head.
'It would have to be a very tiny earthquake!' thought Alice.
It was a small room, eight by twelve, and the earthquake had left its marks upon the plaster.
Riding through the town, we could see marks of the six Smyrnas that have existed here and been burned up by fire or knocked down by earthquakes. The hills and the rocks are rent asunder in places, excavations expose great blocks of building-stone that have lain buried for ages, and all the mean houses and walls of modern Smyrna along the way are spotted white with broken pillars, capitals and fragments of sculptured marble that once adorned the lordly palaces that were the glory of the city in the olden time.
It is known that earthquakes frequently cause masses of earth to fall from sea-cliffs: how terrific, then, would be the effect of a severe shock (and such occur here [13]) on a body like a glacier, already in motion, and traversed by fissures!
From our new Cape Horn in Denmark, a chain of mountains, scarcely half the height of the Alps, would run in a straight line due southward; and on its western flank every deep creek of the sea, or fiord, would end in "bold and astonishing glaciers." These lonely channels would frequently reverberate with the falls of ice, and so often would great waves rush along their coasts; numerous icebergs, some as tall as cathedrals, and occasionally loaded with "no inconsiderable blocks of rock," would be stranded on the outlying islets; at intervals violent earthquakes would shoot prodigious masses of ice into the waters below.